Far Cry 4 Creative Director Leaves Ubisoft To Form New Studio

Creative director at Ubisoft Montreal, Alex Hutchinson, has announced that he has left Ubisoft to form a new studio. Alex Hutchinson in known for working on games such as Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3.

Hutchinson announced via Twitter that he has left Ubisoft to form Typhoon Studios after working 7 years in Ubisoft.

Myself, @rws360 and some other wonderful people have founded a brand new company: Typhoon Studios.

— Alex Hutchinson (@BangBangClick) April 7, 2017

However, the studio is not working on any project as of now and there is zero information about the studio except the studio’s website. Hutchinson said that the studio won’t announce anything in the near future as he is focused on hiring deves and building the sdtudio.

Probably won't have much to announce in the near future as we hire, build our studio, buy a coffee machine and build Ikea furniture but…

— Alex Hutchinson (@BangBangClick) April 7, 2017

Before joining Ubisoft, Hutchinson worked at EA and served as a lead designer on titles such as Spore.


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