Far Cry 6 Mythical Animal Locations Guide

Like every Far Cry game, Far Cry 6 also features some rare and exotic animals for you to hunt down and kill. In this guide, we will provide you with all the Far Cry 6 Mythical Animal Locations so you know where to look.

Far Cry 6 Mythical Animal Locations

Mythical Animals are the most dangerous monsters in Far Cry 6, and each one emerges in its unique place. Mythical Animals are one-of-a-kind beasts that are among the hardest animals you’ll encounter but hunting them will also earn you some excellent prizes.

The rewards include a complete set of animal-themed armor for the particular Mythical Animal you took down and equipping it provides various bonuses.

There are 4 different Mythical animals in Far Cry 6. In this FC 6 Animal locations guide, we will show you the location of each Mythical animal on the map.

A list of all the Mythical animals in Far Cry is listed below:

  • Mamutito
  • Venodiente
  • Perros Demoniacos
  • Sanguinario

Mamutito Location

You will find this boar on the northern side of Isla Santuario. It will yield Mamutito’s Tusks, which may be traded in for Primal Mask headgear.

Below you can see the location for the Mythical Animal from the Map.

Far Cry 6 Mamutito Mythical Animal

Venodiente Location

You will locate this deformed alligator at The Hazardous Waste Disposal at the Western end of Valle De Oro. Below is the pinpoint location of this Mythical Animal

Far Cry 6 Mythical Animal Locations

Perros Demoniacos Mythical Animal

There are two wolves here, one white and the other black. They’re located just north of Madrugada. You will receive the Primal Boots footwear and the Primal Bracer wristwear if you return their pelts. Location for both white and the black Perros Demoniacos Mythical Animal is shown below:

Sanguinario Mythical Animal

Only at night will you be able to battle this jaguar. It is located near the southernmost point of El Este. The Primal Pants leg gear is obtained by using the Sanguinario pelt.

The location for this Mythical Animal is shown below:

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