How to Heal in Far Cry 6

In this guide, we'll be showing you How to Heal in Far Cry 6 to keep yourself topped and locked in battle in even the toughest situations

Far Cry 6 is relentless with its action, which means you’ll encounter several gunfights against several enemies, making it hard to survive without healing. In this guide, you’ll learn how to Heal in Far Cry 6.

How to Heal in Far Cry 6

There are four methods to increase your health in Far Cry 6. You can heal yourself by crafting health syringes or letting the game refill your health for you since Far Cry 6 offers you automatic health regeneration.

  • Manual Healing
  • Crafting Healing Syringes
  • Automatic Healing
  • Look for Health Packs

Manual Healing

If you’re looking forward to healing yourself manually then you can do that by following the instructions given below:

  • For PlayStation: Press/Hold Triangle
  • For Xbox: Press/Hold Y
  • For PC: Press/Hold Z

The total number of refills you’ll get is denoted by a sign at the bottom section of your screen. Initially, you’ll get a single heal but gradually the recharge increases over time.

Crafting Healing Syringes

Apart from manually healing, you can head to a workbench nearby and craft yourself a healing syringe.

Once you’re at the workbench, enter the Supremo menu then select a gadget slot to start crafting your own healing syringe.

However, for the procedure to craft your own healing syringe, you must be at Rank 3-4 and carry a total of 10 Durable Plastic and 2 Supremo-Bonds.

Automatic Healing

As mentioned before, Far Cry 6 offers an automatic health regeneration feature that refills your health bar.

For regenerating your health automatically, it takes a while to fully bring your health to the top, so the best strategy here is to take cover behind something while your health is being regenerated.

This way you’ll max out your health and avoid any danger.

Look for Health Packs

If you’re the type of player who loves exploration, then the last method is the best and the most suitable method for you.

Lastly, to increase your health in Far Cry 6, you can simply explore the map and find health packs scattered all around the area like military bases, corpses of dead soldiers, and especially during missions.

When you’re fighting off waves of enemies, chances are you’ll always end up with a Health Pack or two to keep yourself stocked. Healing isn’t really that big of a problem unless you’re pushing in with a frontal assault without the proper equipment.

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