Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Rig Crane Puzzle Solution

In your hunt to find all the unique weapons in Far Cry 6, you will eventually reach the GDP Oil Platform and might get stuck there. In this guide, we will cover how you can solve the Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Rig Crane Puzzle and get the Yaran Contraband.

Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Rig Crane Puzzle Solution

The Yaran Contraband container on the GDP Oil platform contains the Supercharger shotgun so it is definitely worth going after.

You are going to find the GDP Oil Rig in the northwestern part of the Aguas Lindas. On the oil rig, you will find the Yaran Contraband inside a Shipping container which is blocked by another container.

To reach the container simply go to the location shown on the map below.

Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Rig Crane

After reaching that location you will see that the Yaran Contraband chest container is blocked by another container that is attached to a crane.


To enter the container, you first have to lift the other container using the crane on the GDP oil rig.

How to lift the Container

In order to lift the container first of all you will need to find the crane control room. The crane control room is just on the opposite side of the container.

It is a white-colored room with the number 16 written on it.  Locate that room go inside and press the red button which you will find on the yellow control unit inside the control room.

After pressing the red button the crane will start to lift and the blocked path to the container will be opened. Now simply go to the container and enter it.

Inside that, you will find the Yaran Contarabnd chest. Open that chest and you will get the Supercharger Shotgun.

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