How to Find the Fort Quito Key in Far Cry 6

Are you having trouble with entering the basement of Fort Quito in Far Cry 6? For once, you decided to be stealthy, but you can’t find the keys to the Fort. Don’t load your guns just yet, guerilla. This guide will tell you how to Find the Fort Quito Key in Far Cry 6.

How to Find the Fort Quito Key in Far Cry 6

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. How to find the key to the armory room where the depleted uranium lies?

As a part of the early mission called Du or Die, this is where the game shows you the ropes regarding enemy base infiltrations.

Now, the choice is up to you. Go guns ablaze and leave trails of bodies in your wake as you raid the Fort. Or, what we suggest, is to get in touch with your stealthy side.

In order to deal with this mission efficiently, you need to scan your enemies to find the odd one out. This person is going to be the officer of the fleet present in Fort Quito, and upon scanning, his name is revealed to be Captain Gabriel Alvarez.

Identified by a special yellow military insignia, you need to intercept him and swipe the key from his body. Another method that you can use that guarantees a key without any scanning is the following.

Head up the stairs from across the armory. You will find a door right in front of you, just enter it and take out one of the guards to obtain your key!

Now that you have the key, go back to the armory and collect your depleted uranium to finish the quest. Don’t be so fast, though. You have another important item to collect from the Fort’s Basement.

How to Open Yaran Contraband Chest in Fort Quito

You can get to the basement by swimming from the back entrance of Fort Quito. Or by descending down a ladder found on the ground floor of the Fort.

Either way, upon entering the basement, you will eventually find a barred door behind tall security fences.

Once again, you are presented with a choice. You can be violent and use the explosive red barrels to your advantage.

Conveniently located beside the fencing, shoot these barrels to trigger an explosion. Everything surrounding the Contraband items will be reduced to ashes.

Now for our assassins, unsheathe your melee weapon and hit the wood paneling on the side of the fence. Sounds strange, doesn’t it, but what it will do is destroy the paneling and allow you to slip through the space, thus bringing you close to the prize!

Interact with the Yaran Contraband to obtain a pistol called The Autocrat.

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