Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt Guide

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to solve the Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt and get the Ida's War Dance Charm as a reward

If you’re having trouble completing the Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt, then we’ve got you covered with this guide where we’ll be walking you through the entirety of the treasure hunt step-by-step.

Far Cry 6 Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt

The Emerald Skull Treasure Hunt is not only the longest treasure hunt in Far Cry 6, but it’s also one of the most difficult treasure hunts in the game.

What makes this treasure hunt so difficult is that you’ll be traversing through two different locations in search of the treasure.

Completing the Emerald Skull treasure hunt in FC6 on your own can be one hell of a task, so below we’ll be walking you through the entire quest.

Starting the Hunt

The treasure hunt starts off in the El Este region in Concepcion, Conuco. Read the letter on the table to start the quest.

Make your way over to the location marker by calling a ride. It’ll lead you to a small cave opening that you have to through.

Follow the path inside and then grapple your way from one platform to another until you reach the top.

Unlucky Skull

Once there, drop down into the water to the left and you’ll discover a dead body. You’ll see that the body is holding an Unlucky Skull.

Before you pick it up, keep in mind that a grenade will drop as soon as you do so, so get ready to walk a few steps back as soon as you grab the skull. The grenade will open up the path ahead, allowing you to exit this cave.

Emerald Skull Puzzle

Now, another location marker will appear. Head over to this location and enter the cave there. Kill the alligator blocking your path and then insert the skull to the statue to open up a secret door behind it.

Walk through this opening and get ready to kill a few alligators. Once they’re dealt with, go up the stairs to the right and swing your way to the other side of the cave. Interact with the statue there like you did before.

After that, go back to the start of the staircase and interact again with the statue there.  When you do that, another secret door will open up ahead.

Go through this door and climb up the ledge quickly. Break the barricade in front of you and then walk towards the statue in the middle of the cave. Jump the distance to collect your reward, which will be the Ida’s War Dance Charm.