How to Unlock All Far Cry 6 Bandido Leaders

In this guide, you will get to know all about the Far Cry 6 Bandido leaders. We will be telling...

In this guide, you will get to know all about the Far Cry 6 Bandido leaders. We will be telling you how to unlock leaders, what perks and benefits they offer, and everything you need to know about them.

In FC6, Leaders or Bandido Leaders are basically NPCs that provide major bonuses and advantages when doing the Los Bandidos missions. It’s a mini-game where you have to select certain leaders for specific tasks based on their expertise and skills.

While the Bandido Leaders will complete missions on their own, you will have to involve yourself by giving specific mission orders based on different scenarios. So having more Bandido Leaders at your disposal will be helpful for completing the missions effectively.

Far Cry 6 Bandido Leaders Locations, How to Unlock

Here are all the Los Bandido leaders, 8 of them in total, along with the information you need to unlock them in Far Cry 6.


Far Cry 6 Bandido Leaders

One can find Benito by unlocking Los Bandidos. To do so, the players need to make their way toward the first Bandido operations board. He offers both Surveyor and Constructor skills.

Benito can also increase the construction success chance by 50%. He also reduces the metal requirement by 50%.

Alfredo Maximo

Far Cry 6 Bandido Leaders

To unlock this leader, the players need to complete the mission “The Lion’s Roar” by heading towards Conuco. The image above shows the location. First, complete the operation “Our Right to Party” to start the main quest.

The quest requires you to meet with Yelena, defend the hotel, and escape with Yelena. The perks for this leader include Smooth Talker and Thrifty.

Isabela and Marisol

Far Cry 6 Bandido Leaders

You need to complete the Yaran Story called Wing and A Player to unlock these two leaders. To unlock these two leaders, you need to complete the story called Wing and A Player by going to Noventarmas.

The above image shows the exact location on the map. Once the players reach this location, they need to kill the guards and release the prisoners.

To do so, make sure you follow the objective markers. Isabela provides you with Surprise and Adaptive skills, while Marisol offers perks like Inquirer and Field Medic.


To unlock Sergio, the players need to complete another Yaran story called Tracks of the Trade. To do so, complete the Undercover Stud first and then head towards Gilberto’s location. Follow the map image above to help you reach the location exactly. You need to pick posters and head towards the coastal road along the Vacia Coast.

Keep moving on the road to the West until you destroy four billboards on the way that match the photos sent on your phone. Sergio has skills like Ghillie Suit and Super Sneak.

Freddy Jr

First, reach Cruz Del Salvador, where you need to find the gears of his father. Next, to avail him as a leader, you need to complete the Yaran Story Stealing Home. One needs to talk to a basketball player in the field to start the story. Now, move to different camps to get the keys. These keys will help you find items by following the objective.

Once you complete this quest, the leader will be unlocked. Freddy Jr provides you with the skills like Sniper and Long Shot.

Big Papi

Make your way to Duende Island to complete Big Papi in Little Yara Yaran Story. The above image of the map marks the exact location. When players reach the island, they automatically receive a phone call.

At this point, the quest begins, which demands you to protect Big Papi. The perks include Reckless and Speed Demon skills.


One needs to complete Paint the Town Yaran Story to unlock this leader. This quest requires you to find 12 statues. To start the story, you need to reach the Safehouse in South Esperanza. You can find statues scattered all over Esperanza.

When the players are close to a statue, a yellow icon will mark the statue on the map. Here is a marked image of the map showing all the locations clearly.

The players just need to approach the statue to interact with it. Zenia has Sabotage and Resourceful skills.

We hope that this guide helps you unlock all the leaders in Far Cry 6. So, get ready for a thrilling journey to unlock the leaders right away.

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