Far Cry 5 Trailer Details; Everything You May Have Missed

Far Cry 5 trailer was just shared by Ubisoft and it finally took us deep into the heart of all things wrong with Hope County, Montana. Far Cry 5 will be taking place in Hope County, Montana, which appears to be under the control of a religious cult in a similar manner to that of Outlast 2’s own crazy cultists. While we don’t really know much about them, it seems that the game will also have more aerial vehicles than Far Cry 5, along with a new setting.

The worldwide reveal trailer gave us a look at the game’s characters, setting, weapons, and more. The footage also features some details that were easy to miss which we are going to discuss here today. The first thing we will discuss is the sinners written on the sign outside the county.

The sign indicates that the cult considers the entire county’s population as sinners and want to cleanse them before doomsday. The second image shows one of the goons of the cult leader and he has the 7 sins engraved on his body and a bible in his hands. He seems to be a preacher that takes to the streets spreading the message of their doomsday cult.

Next, we have the Sunrise Farm which is located within the Sunrise district which is one of the many districts we will get to visit in Hope County, a feature that we have seen in previous Far Cry games.

The next element of discussion is a farm with a sign that says “do not expect a warning shot” which means whoever owns the farm want to be left alone. Moreover, based on this image we can safely theorize that the tracker might be a driveable vehicle in Far Cry 5.

Next, we will visit the Hope County baseball stadium. You can see “Klassic Slam” on the right side and the mention of “Classic Rock Hits.” This indicates the inclusion radio towers in Far Cry 5. We can also expect to see baseball bats as melee weapons in the game.

Next, we have the Fall’s End which is another town from Hope County. We can also see the Fall’s End General Store which sells Fishing, Groceries, and Hunting, an indication that once again players will be able to hunt and craft gear and weapons.

In the following image, we can see an oil change and wheel alignment facility which indicates that players might be able to customise their cars. We saw a big color rig later on in the later which gives weight to this assumption.

Moving, one it looks like the cult is using the 7 deadly sins to justify their murdering spree. Here we can see a dead body and “Gluttony,” which is one of the deadly sins, written across the wall behind it.


Another image that suggests customizable vehicles, just look at the beautiful paint job. We can also expect to see high-speed car chase sequences.

Now this following image is very interesting; there are characters that are riding an ATV. One black male is shooting from the back of the ATV which suggests an AI buddy system. Meanwhile, the white male could actually be our lead character.

The next image shows the back of our lead big bad. He is the “father” and the main villain of Far Cry 5.

Well, that is it; if you think we missed something from Far Cry 5 trailer which you noticed, take to the comments and let us know.

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