Far Cry 5 Safes Locations Guide – Where To Find All Safes

There are a ton of safes in Far Cry 5 with a lot of important loot. It can be hard to figure out where all of the safes are located. You may want to get your hands on the loot as soon as possible, and because of that, we have this Far Cry 5 Safes Locations Guide. Our Far Cry 5 Safes Locations Guide will tell you how to open the safes. Apart from that, it will mention the location of the safes so that you can easily find the safes and get into them.

Far Cry 5 Safes

You can open the safes with either explosive such as C4 or Dynamite, or you can use the Locksmith Perk and open them automatically. If you want more help with how to open safes or other doors, you can visit our Lockpicking Guide.

Let us go ahead and take a look at the various different locations where you can find the safes in the Far Cry 5 world. We will explain the location of all of the safes found in every location. More and more safes will be added as we discover them.

Where to Find Safes

  • Another safe is in Mable’s house in Peaches Taxidermy.
  • Hope County Jail also has a safe. It is near a bookshelf in the main corridor.
  • A safe can be found at the Laurel Residence after you drain the water during the Prepper Stash Quest.
  • The Grain Elevator has a Prepper Stash too. Look for it on the bottom floor behind the pipe which has a beehive.
  • Another safe is at the Baron Lumber Mill. Look for it in the indoor offices where you can find the rocket launcher ammunition.
  • The first safe will require you to solve a Prepper Stash puzzle in the Armstrong Residence. It can be found inside of the bunker.
  • Bright Warden Radon Spa also has a safe. Go through the mines and air out the gas before going to the exit to find the safe in the alcove on the right.
  • Rye and Son’s Aviation has 2 safes. The first one is in the main hanger near the fridge while the second one is in Nick’s house at the back of the hangar. You need to lockpick a door in the house to get to the safe or find the key in a small shed outside the place.

That is all we have for our Far Cry 5 Safes Locations Guide for now. Let us know if you have something to add using the comments section below!

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