Far Cry 5 Perks Guide

Our Far Cry 5 Perks Guide is your companion throughout the game as it can help you decide which of the perks will suit your playstyle and which ones are the essential ones for different points in the game.

This Far Cry 5 Perks Guide is your companion throughout the game as it can help you decide which of the perks will suit your playstyle and which ones are the essential ones for different points in the game.

Perks have a lot of uses in Far Cry 5 as they can enhance your characters’ traits. There are a lot of perks in the game with a lot of various different uses and chances are that you would be lost without this FC5 Perks Guide.

Far Cry 5 Perks

Anyone who has ever played a Far Cry game would know how important it is to have the right skills with you. There are tons and tons of options for skills so it can be quite difficult to figure out what they do and which ones should you be prioritizing.

Perks have their own menu from where you can upgrade them. There are a lot of perks to choose from and you can gather the points required by doing various different hunting challenges.

There are five different paths for you to take. Let’s look at each of them individually so that you can see which one of these will suit your playstyle best.

The first one is Survivalist which helps you survive for longer by doing stuff such as increasing your maximum health or allowing you to get more loot from certain species.

Renegade is all about wreaking havoc while Assassin is about sneaking around and taking out enemies without people finding out. You also have the Prepper skill.

This skill allows you to pack a bigger punch and generally prepare better for fights hence the name. At the end, we have the Leader tree which allows people to come back faster after being injured.

Survivalist Class Perks

Survivalist perks usually focus on hunting, fishing and fighting. Human Fish is a great starter perk as it can help you find pepper stashes.

Apart from that, Fisher King will help you earn extra perk points since you will easily be able to capture more fish than ever before.

Towards the end, the Health Boosts are by far one of the best perks you can get since they give your maximum health a massive boost and allow you to survive for a longer amount of time.

Survivalist Perks Effects
Health Boost Increases your maximum health by a certain amount. [has 4 different levels]
Human Fish You can swim faster and hold your breath for longer.
Fisher King Fishes will fatigue quickly.
Repair Torch Repairs cars and can be used to open safes.
Kick-Ass Binoculars You can tag enemies through objects.
Harvest Master Loot is doubled from plants and animals.
King of the Jungle Reduced animal attack damage. Predators prioritize nearby enemies over you. Prey animals flee less from you. Also works in Far Cry Arcade.
Black Market Craftable remote explosives, proximity explosives, Molotovs, pipe bombs, sticky upgrades, and special ammo are now available at all shops.

Repair Torch is good for you if you like cars and find a lot of safes in the game. Binoculars benefit the stealthy player as they can be used to mark objects. Harvest Master is best for those who are extremely patient and want to get back into the game as fast as they possibly can.

Renegade Class Perks

These perks are great if you want to fight enemies. They are also good for when you want to explore the terrain and manipulate the environment to your benefit. Parachute is great as it allows you to drop in to multiple locations and saves a ton of time.

Wingsuit might require a fair amount of time but let me tell you that flying through the air is as magnificent as it sounds. Weapons pro will make your short range weapons deal much more damage than before as you will be able to reload faster and also be more accurate than before. Lastly, the Booby Trap perk is great for ambushing targets as it can make a vehicle explode whenever it collides with something.

Renegade Perks Effects
Parachute You get a parachute for use when you file.
Wingsuit You can glide with this suit.
Airdrop Unlocks the options to arrive by air drop when you fast travel to a location (requires previous perk).
Vehicle Buster You deal more damage to vehicles.
Saboteur Set a vehicle on fire and make it explode.
Auto Repair Your vehicles repair themselves.
Heavy Weapon Mastery Your LMGs, rocket launchers and flame throwers become more accurate and are faster in terms of reloading, aiming and switching.
Rifle Mastery Your rifles are more accurate. They also reload, switch and aim faster.
Weapons Pro SMGs and Shotguns are more accurate and they have better reload speed along with aim and switch speed.
Booby Trap Approach a vehicle’s hood and make it explode on the next collision. Also works in Far Cry Arcade

Parachutes and Wing Suits can be quite fun for when you are jumping out of planes. Rifle Mastery is also really good as it allows you to snipe enemies from afar so you get a lot of versatility in terms of range. However, any one of the masteries couldn’t really hurt your chances of success.

Assassin Class

Assassin perks are a lot more diverse than you would expect. They can help you travel and fight as well as sneak past enemies. Grapple is an essential as it is required for almost every single important thing that you would do.

Nimble Fingers will be great if you are planning to craft a lot and booby trap vehicles. Sneaky Spring is great for when you are trying to move like an actual assassin as it increases your speed when you are crouched.

Apart from this, Close Combat Mastery will sync great with the aforementioned ability as it will allow you to deal massive damage when in melee combat since you will be fighting a lot in close quarters due to you being able to sneak up on enemies using other perks in the class.

Assassin Perks Effects
Grapple You can use the grapple tools to climb certain spots.
Nimble Fingers Quicker to craft items, sabotage or booby trap vehicles, disable alarms, and open safes. Also works in Far Cry Arcade.
Sneaky Sprint You can move faster when you are crouched.
Master Blaster Components required for crafting explosives are halved.
Takedown Mastery You can do sidearm takedowns; melee throws and chain them together.
Ghost You make less noise during movement and take less damage when you fall.
Throwback You can throw back projectiles such as dynamite and grenades.
Locksmith You can lockpick certain doors and safes.
Close Combat Mastery You are more effective with melee weapons. Your accuracy improves and you can reload, aim and switch your handguns at a much faster pace.
Primal Mastery You can switch and reload bows and slingshots faster than before.

Grapple is great for saving time as you can climb areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Sneaky Sprint is perfect for stealth as is Ghost. Primal Mastery is also amazing as you have access to the bow at an early stage whereas silenced handguns are unlocked much later. Primal Mastery will allow you to fit in with the stealth outfit of the class much easier.

Prepper Class

Prepper is a class for people who like to carry around a lot of things in their inventory. Most of the perks here are bags which can increase your carrying capacity of one specific type or the other. It is really up to you to figure out which of the bags are the best since they will vary according to your need.

Personally, I like to use the Additional Holster as it allows me to carry a third weapon. Apart from this, I Use the Rifle Ammo bag as I like to snipe people from afar and this helps me carry more ammo for it.

Prepper Perks Effects
Close Combat Gear Bag You can carry more melee weapons and handgun ammo.
Journey Pack Have more items in your inventory and up to 5 medkits.
Quiver You can carry more arrows of all types.
Rifle Ammo Bag You can carry more rifle ammo with you.
Additional Holster You can carry a third weapon with you and it can be of any type.
Weapons Collector You can carry a fourth weapon with you and it can be of any type.
Heavy Ammo Bag You can carry more ammo for your heavy weapons e.g flamethrower and LMGs.
Special Ammo Bag You can carry more ammo for your special rocket launcher and incendiaries.
Throwables Bag You can carry more explosives and throwing knives with you.
Tactical Ammo Bag Carry more SMG and shotgun ammo. Also works in Far Cry Arcade.

It is best to get Journey since you can easily carry all of your items with you. Apart from this, the Additional Holster is also quite good since it allows you to have a good long range, short range and stealth weapon at the same time. This will allow you to attempt levels whichever way you want to.

Leader Class

Leader path does not have a lot of complication. It is used to reduce the time for your allies to return to battle. These perks usually have one of your allies return back faster.

An example of this is the Boomer perk, which makes boomer return faster to combat after it has been injured. In the end, you have the Leadership perk which allows you to have two guns for hire in the campaign for your squad.

Leader Perks Effects
Boomer Return time is reduced after injury.
Sharky Return time is reduced after injury.
Peaches Return time is reduced after injury.
Jess Return time is reduced after injury.
Grace Return time is reduced after injury.
Hurk Return time is reduced after injury.
Nick Rye Return time is reduced after injury.
Adelaide Return time is reduced after injury.
Cheeseburger Return time is reduced after injury.
Leadership You can use two guns for hire in single player.

Best Perks Setup
With all the perks in the game, the best loadout certainly depends on how you wish to play the game, weather you are going for a sneaky boy hiding and slowly clearing out enemy forces, or a literal juggernaut going in guns ablaze, these are the perks we think will benefit you the most in the long run.

  • Health Boost: Of course, the most cliché perk, more health is always better.
  • Parachute: This will allow you to get out of hairy situations easily as it allows more maneuverability. You can now safely jump from heights without fear of fall damage.
  • Grapple: As you have to travel through large maps, grapple allows to be sneaky and even get a good vantage point to shoot of all the enemies from a safe place.
  • Sneaky Sprint: this perk gets you faster movement speed when crouched, making it very useful while using stealth, or when under heavy fire behind a cover.
  • Additional Holster: Getting a third weapon slot is vital if you don’t fancy wandering around with a bow the entire game. Having to drop a cool weapon because you only have two slots but really want to carry a rocket launcher is a pain best avoided.
  • Leadership: you don’t have to be all alone. Since this perk allows you to have allies in the battle, you can heavily benefit from it.

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