Far Cry 5 Money Farming Guide

In our Far Cry 5 Money Farming Guide, we have detailed some handy Tips and Tricks that you can use in order to earn huge amounts of cash without investing a whole of time into the game.

To make money earning easier for you in the game, we have curated this handy Far Cry 5 Money Farming Guide in which we will share an easy money farming method by which you can earn money quickly and easily.

Far Cry 5 offers you tons of things to purchase with in-game currency so making sure that you have a good amount of bank balance. Everything in the game ranging from ammo, guns, medicines, and vehicles come at a decent amount of price. To be able to afford all these things, you will want to have a good bank balance as well.

However, earning money is not easy in Far Cry 5 and if you really want to be able to purchase the late game items, you will need to do a decent amount of farming for the money.

We recommend that you use this method early in the game as well as late in the game because everything you buy in the game requires money including the ammo that you will need for completing the main campaign.

Far Cry 5 Money Farming

Although there are different ways of earning cash in Far Cry 5, not all of them are very efficient when it comes to the time it takes to complete it and the amount of money it gives you.

You earn money by completing main quests, side quests and tons of side activities in the game. The Main Missions and Side Missions vanish once completed so they are a one-time deal plus the side activities give you a decent amount when you aim for the gold, which takes skill and a lot of retries in most cases.

The below method is simple yet efficient and it will ensure that you earn around $200,000 per hour. This method does not take a lot of time, each farming run can be as small as half a minute, and it all depends on how good you are when it comes to shooting with the bow.

If you are on average with the aiming and shooting with the bow, still you will earn around $4,500 in 99 seconds easily.

Hunting – The Best Money Farming Method

Hunting is one of the most fun elements of Far Cry 5. Far Cry 5 features many different types of animals that you can find in the wild to hunt ranging from cows to predators such as wolves and bears.

There are also different ways to hunt these animals including fishing rods, bows and arrows, different shotguns and even launchers if you are looking for a laugh. The method we are going to show will require you to have a Recursive Bow and Arrows.

You need not worry about arrows as you can always pick them up after the animal is down. Before you start with the method, we will also recommend that you purchase some perks that will help you in this method by making certain things much easier.

The first perk that you will want to have is the Harvest Master. When you kill an animal with the bow, you get double the skins. With this perk enabled and unlocked, you will get double this amount when you kill an animal with the bow which makes four skins per kill.

Since you will be spending some time away from your hideouts, the second perk will ensure that you are able to stay much longer before you have to return back to sell the hides.

Getting the Journey Pack perk will increase your inventory space allowing you to carry more items. This will come in handy for collecting more hides per run.

If you really want it, you can also opt for the perk ‘Quiver’ as it allows you to have more arrows in your inventory but since you can recover arrows from the kills, this perk is low priority and you might not need it at all.

Once you have your bows, arrows, initial bait meat and perks all equipped, head to the Sunshine Threshing. Use a high vehicle such as a van and park it in the fields where some cows are roaming around the farm.

Use arrows to kill the cows and collect their skins and the meat to use as bait. Once you have the bait, get on the top of your van and throw the bait on the ground.

A random predator will spawn there and run towards the bait. Kill the animal and collect the hide. You will also get some bait from it.

Keep repeating this process. The animal will not be able to attack you because you will be standing on top of the van.

Once your inventory is full of animal skins, head back and sell them to a vendor. Head back to the same location and repeat the location. When you throw a bait, you will get one out of the five predators in the game.

It could be a dog, a bear, a wolf, a wolf leader or a lynx. All animals will give you skins except the dog so if a god spawns. Kill it, get your arrow back, and throw some bait again.

If you get bored of the location, John’s region is full of farms with cows roaming around.

You can pick any location here and this will work for you. The reason we are choosing open fields for this method is that open areas give you a better look around you and it is much easier to chase down a running animal to finish it off rather than in jungles and grassy areas. By this method, you will be able to earn a large amount of money in a short amount of time.

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