Far Cry 5 Clean Water Act, Eco-Warriors, Doctor’s Orders Walkthrough Guide

Our Far Cry 5 Clean Water Act, Eco-Warriors, Doctor's Orders Walkthrough Guide will tell you all about the 3 aforementioned quests and how to get through them in a step-by-step manner.

Our Far Cry 5 Clean Water Act, Eco-Warriors, Doctor’s Orders Walkthrough Guide covers the three missions found in Faith’s region, Henbane River. If you’ve got any problems overcoming Clean Water Act, Eco-Warriors, and Doctor’s Orders, then you’ve come to the right place.

Far Cry 5 Clean Water Act, Eco-Warriors, Doctor’s Orders

The region has a tonne of tough opponents in the form of ‘Angels’, enemies on some weird drug. If you need a breather and looking for a break from them, you’ll be looking to complete some missions. Now if you’re still getting a tough time with the story missions, our guide will ease off that pressure.


After completing ‘Friendly Skies’ mission for Adelaide Drubman, head back to Drubman Marina and talk to Xander in the shed. He’ll send you off to Misty River Gas station to hack into a laptop at the station. Once you do it, a countdown of 1 minute and a half minutes will start until the hack is finished. Defend the laptop while enemies attack from outside.

Adelaide will then pick you up on a chopper if there are no enemies around and take you to Nelson Residence east of Hope County Jail. Follow the convoy there until you reach a region where they are harboring Bliss in containers. Destroy the containers while fighting off enemies too. The mission will be then completed. Note, you could also have followed the convoy on a boat.

Doctors Orders

You can have the location marked on your map if you hear mentions of a particular doctor. Otherwise, just head to Mastodon Geothermal Park north of Moonflower Trailer Park in Henbane River.

Once there, clear out enemies and then talk to the doctor. You will be required to dive into a pool to retrieve a bag of the doctor. Once you swim out, you’ll have to get rid of more enemies. These include ‘Angels’, regular cultists and helicopters. After you’ve eliminated them all, the doctor will task you with gathering ingredients for him.

You are required to acquire pronghorn skins and two black bear skins without any fire damage (so you can’t just torch em). The locations will be marked on your map so you can embark on the hunt. Jess and Grace can help you spot these animals for quicker results. For bears, you can lure them out. After obtaining both resources, head to Hope County Jail to talk to the doctor and the quest will finish.

Clean Water Act

You can either get the mission by heading over to Water Treatment Plant near Peaches Taxidermy in Faith’s region or wait for it to automatically appear in your journal.

After clearing the enemies there including a boss, look for bright red lights which indicate the pump control consoles. Activate them to drain the water out. Drop down into the area with the pipes and wait for the water level to rise. Climb the stairs to reach the pump room and shoot the explosive cans or canisters away from a distance.

Look for the second button (red light) and press it. Drop down to the left of the button and blow the red barrel to open up a pathway into the big pipes. Enter it and follow until you reach the second pump control room. Blow the canister here as well and safely exit the room. This will complete the mission and help you unlock the ‘Sewer Rat’ trophy.

This is all we have in our Far Cry 5 Clean Water Act, Eco-Warriors, Doctor’s Orders Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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