Far Cry 5 Modding Guide – Best Far Cry 5 Mods, Reshade, Weapons, Costumes, FOV (How To Mod)

In our Far Cry 5 Modding Guide, we have provided some of the best Far Cry 5 Mods that you can use in order to enhance your overall Far Cry game experience.

Let us talk about some mods which you can use to beautify, stabilize, and ultimately improve your Far Cry 5 experience. In this Far Cry 5 Modding Guide, we have shared our best Far Cry 5 Mods that you can use to enhance your Far Cry experience.

Far Cry 5 Mods

If you are fortunate enough to own a PC with some rad specifications and looking to maximize how a game performs on your system, do you not sometimes want to outbound the restrictions from the developers?

Well, thankfully, you can, thanks to the introduction of modding communities. Not only you can make your game look a tonne sharper, but also remove anything you find distracting or unnecessary.

Yes, that is right, being your own master, shaping the experience just the way you want it to be. Let us take a look at some of the best Far Cry 5 Mods.

Sharp and Vibrant Reshade Preset
The mod adds icing to the cake since it does the job of improving the textures of an already stunning Hope County.

The mod will help make the color palette for the game sharper and the colors to become more prominent and vibrant. This comes with a drawback though: You lose around 15 frames per second. Therefore, unless you have a rather powerful rig, you need to think before you apply this mod.

To apply it, download the file and place the .INI and .EXE files in your main game folder. While in the game, press Shift+F2 to select the preset.

Vector .45 and Reverting to Patch v.1.2
These mods will add weapons and costumes to your copy of the game.

The Vector .45 is a submachine gun that is really worth it due to its amazing rate of fire. While the badass Flamebearer outfit also makes a return.

Since some of the weapons and outfits were removed from the game after the latest patch for some unknown reasons, fans have been wanting them to be brought back. Thankfully, the mod does just that! Download the file by heading over to the links here and here.

Follow the instructions to install these mods without affecting or corrupting your game.

Cinematic Reshade Preset
This particular mod will give the game a 1970s Hollywood films-type look. If you are looking for an old-timey experience with the Sepia effects and a crisp color palette then this is the mod to look for.

Download the mod, extract the file to your game’s directory, and install ‘Reshade’ application in the same folder. You can select from the presets in game by pressing Shift+F2. You will find more detailed instructions at the download link.

Alternative Weapons View Model FOV
The mod lets you adjust/tweak the vertical offset of your weapon. What this means is that you can choose how into or out of the screen does your weapon need to be.

You will find some comparison screenshots at the download link. To apply the mod, you will need to modify the gamerprofile.xml file in your Far Cry 5 game folder.

Open it with Notepad and set CameraViewCenterOffsetY to -0.32 and CameraViewCenterOffsetX to 0. Launch the game and make sure to set Options & Gameplay & Reticle Position to Offset.

These are our best Far Cry 5 Mods. Do not forget to share your choices with us in the comments section below!

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