Far Cry 5 Endings Guide

For some, it could become difficult to understand how to get the alternative endings and that is where our Far Cry 5 Endings Guide comes in to help you with all the alternative Far Cry 5 Endings.

Far Cry games usually have multiple endings as they were featured in Far Cry 4, Far Cry 3, Far Cry 2, and Far Cry 5 is no exception to the trend of Alternative Endings. For some, it could become difficult to understand how to get the Alternative Endings and that is where our Far Cry 5 Endings Guide comes in to help you with all the alternative Far Cry 5 Endings.

To get the alternative FC5 Endings there are some conditions that need to be met first and in this Far Cry 5 Endings Guide we will take you step-by-step on how to get the Alternative conclusions in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Endings

The following are the endings for the game along with tips on how to trigger them. However, before we begin a Spoiler Alerts is in order as we will be discussing some plot points for the game to get the Alternative Endings in FC5.

True Ending – Resist
Resist is the true Far Cry 5 ending and to get this ending you need to refuse the Father’s offer and will have to fight with him. Once you defeat him, the true ending of the game will trigger.

In this ending, the player proceeds with his sheriff buddies to oppose Father. A boss battle ensues where all of your allies are tuned against you as they seem to be drugged and under some sort of hallucinogenic mind control effect of the bliss.

You have to shoot at Father until he is dealt enough damage to trigger another cut scene. All your allies under the mind control effect will be outlined in red, shoot them and then revive them to turn them back to normal, beware if Father kills one of your allies, he can convert them back to his side.

After you defeat the Father, you arrest him and then prepare to take him to prison, or higher authorities, but in a mind-blowing twist of events it turns out that Father was right all along.

Multiple Nuclear missiles launch at once all over the world and now you, your allies along with father drive as fast as you can to avoid the impact of the nearest nuclear explosion, but the initial shockwave reaches your group before you can escape and you blackout.

When you come to your allies are all most likely dead and The Father is dragging you to the safety of a nuclear bunker.

He locks you and himself inside, and promises to rebuild Eden after the apocalypse, just you and him, together in the bunker forever. The player is cuffed to a bed and the credits roll.

Bad Ending – Walk Away
Walk Away can be considered to be the bad ending for FC5 and to trigger this ending all you have to do is to walk away meaning accepting Father’s offer. Once you choose to retreat without facing Father, you and your team start making for the border of Hope County in order to alert the National Guard and to get their help in subduing Father.

The Sherriff will turn on the radio to send a warning to the National Guard when a song starts playing on the radio.

It is the same one that Jacob Seed used for his hallucination experiments and the screen fades to red, it is implied that the player’s mind is now under the control of Father and that he makes us turn against our own Allies.

Secret Ending
The secret Far Cry 5 ends can be triggered in just 10 minutes as you start the game. In the opening of the game, you will have to arrest Father and he won’t resist.

The Father will put his hands forward for you to cuff him and a button prompt will appear. If you don’t press the button for a few minutes, the secret ending to the game will trigger.

You will turn away from Joseph Seed (Father) and will show the common sense of not starting a war with a fanatical cult.

The Sheriff will warn to have all of your team arrested for this and the ranting goes on as you escape back out and turn away from the whole matter and the game ends.

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