Far Cry 5 Dinner Time, Missing in Action, Get Free Walkthrough Guide

The quests in Far Cry 5 do not have a lot of variation in between them. However, the various different locations and the complexity of the enemies means that you cannot expect to get through every single mission without help. Do not worry though, as we have this Far Cry 5 Dinner Time, Missing in Action, Get Free Walkthrough Guide to help you.

This Far Cry 5 Dinner Time, Missing in Action, Get Free Walkthrough Guide will help you through the aforementioned quests in a step by step manner so that you do not get stuck anywhere and can sail through them.

Far Cry 5 Dinner Time, Missing in Action, Get Free

The three different quests will have you go through them doing various different things for various different people. Ultimately, you will be heading towards your goal of freeing up the entire county from the hands of the cultists. Let’s go ahead and walk through Dinner Time, Missing in Action and Get Free quests so that you can figure out where is it exactly that you are doing something wrong and fix it to progress forward in the game.

Dinner Time

Go east of the Baron Lumber Mill and talk to Dr. Perkins. She wants you to trap a mutated wolf for her known as the Judge Wolf. Kill all the ten enemies in the camp to talk to her. Once you have done that, open a pen and lure in a wolf by engaging it and then running back to the pen. It is best to have your guns for hire sit back for this one as they will kill the wolf otherwise.

Once you are being chased by the wolf, go to the pen and jump over it at the last minute to trap the wolf inside it. This will end the quest.

Missing in Action

When you are informed of the resistance fighters in the visitor center, head over to the center and set up your attack by marking all of the enemies. Take out all of them stealthily as they are spread out and then free as many hostages as you can.

Continue doing this until you have killed every one of the guards and freed up all of the hostages. After that, go south-west and free the remaining 2 hostages. To do that, go to the road through the tunnel to take out the enemies and free the hostages.

Get Free

Go to the resistance bunker in Wolf’s Den (Whitetail Mountains) to talk to Eli and start the quest. After that, go to the Grand View Hotel north of your location and use the broken door on the west side of the building to enter the complex sneakily.

Take out as many enemies as you can stealthily until you get to the top floor. Here, take out the lone guard on the east side and then play the deprogramming tape.

Once you do that, you will have to fight off tons of enemies. Make sure you cover for Briggs as you will fail the mission if he dies. Remember to use the mounted guns on the balcony to take out as many enemies as you can. If the heat gets too hot, then retreat back inside for cover and rejuvenation.

Continue to take out the helicopters and the trucks as they come in wave after wave. It is best to take out the helicopters before they can make a landing as they will be able to send heavily armored enemies your way if they do. Defeat all of the enemies to end the quest and earn your reward.

That is all we have for our Far Cry 5 Dinner Time, Missing in Action, Get Free Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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