Far Cry 5 Cracked Within a Month of Its Release

On March 27, Far Cry 5 was released and in just 19 days, as well as triple layers of protection the game has been Cracked By CPY.

It has not been a month even and CPY has Cracked Far Cry 5 which is pretty impressive, but for the creators of Denovo, it is somewhat embarrassing.

It only took three weeks to crack this game which is a pretty short span of time.  It appears to be that all the hard effort to keep the game intact by the developers have not played out as expected.

It took exactly 19 days for Far Cry 5 to get cracked by CPY, and with all the three level of DRM protection, as well as Denuvo protection and VMProtect, they were able to bypass and develop a crack.

Similar was the case with the Assassins Creed Origins, the game had double protection, Denuvo, as well as VMProtect. Still, it did not take long enough to crack the game.

CPY has announced the crack of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet as well. The worse part is that even for that it took about 47 days and for Far Cry 5, half of the time.

Although it is a little unfortunate for Ubisoft that within a month, one of their most popular titles has been cracked, it probably won’t be too big of a deal considering the success of the game.

Far Cry 5 has sold exceptionally well across the board.

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