Far Cry 5 Clinical Study, A Leap of Faith, The Bliss Walkthrough Guide

Our Far Cry 5 Clinical Study, A Leap of Faith, The Bliss Walkthrough Guide will tell you all about the 3 aforementioned quests and how to get through them in a step-by-step manner.

We have curated this Far Cry 5 Clinical Study, A Leap of Faith, The Bliss Walkthrough Guide in which we will be going over detailed walkthrough of three main quests in Far Cry 5. These include Clinical Study, A Leap Of Faith, and The Bliss. Here you will find some tips and tricks that will help you complete these missions easily and without much effort.

The main campaign of Far Cry 5 is very captivating and it is keeping us glued to the screen. The missions are fun and diverse and offer a great chance to experience the dangerous yet beautiful world of Hope County.

These missions are simple yet you will require some sort of a strategy to clear them easily. Although most of the time, how you complete the mission is dependent on your own personal preferences, there is still the most suitable method of completing a mission.

Far Cry 5 Clinical Study, A Leap of Faith, The Bliss

Below you will find a detailed walkthrough of the three chapters. Like we said earlier, you are free to complete these missions with an approach that suits your playstyle but that may not work every time with all missions and you might end up making the mission a lot harder for you. With our Far Cry 5 Clinical Study, A Leap of Faith, The Bliss Walkthrough Guide, you will be able to breeze through these missions.

Clinical Study

To start this mission, you need to head to Hope County Jail and find Doctor Charles Lindsay. Speak with him and he will task you with testing out the new bait that he has been working on. You need to set the bait up to see whether it attracts the angels or not. Once you are in possession of the bait, head to the marker on the map.

This will lead you to a farm located on the west side of Hope County Jail. There will be some cultists and some angels there. You need to clear out all the cultists before setting down the bait. Killing the angels will fail the mission so it is better if you use stealth for this mission. Avoiding the angels is easy because they only respond if directly fired upon or if you use explosives.

Before you start taking out the cultists, it is better if you mark all the enemies. Find the cultist standing on a rock. This rock will provide you with an excellent view of the whole area. Take it out with a bow and use your binoculars to mark all enemies in the area. Once all the enemies are marked, you can use stealth to take them out. If you have sniper guns for hire, they will come handy here too.

Once all cultists are down, head to the area where you need to set up the bait. Interact with the table and place the bait on it. Sadly, it will not work on the angels rather it will attract many skunks. Charles will call you on this shortly informing you about the missing ingredient. Your next task is to kill the angels and find 2 undamaged skunk skins. Take out the angels quickly and if you are lucky enough, you will be able to get these skins from this site.

If for some reason, you are unable to get 2 undamaged skunk skins from here, head to the border of Faith and Dutch’s Island and you will find a skunk hunting area. Collect 2 undamaged skunk skins and return to Charles. This will complete the quest and you will have your new improved bait.

A Leap of Faith

Once you have sufficiently weekend cultist control in a region, you will meet Faith in different scenarios. This particular mission is given to you automatically once you have weakened cult control to a certain level in the Henbane River region. Once the requirements are met, a message will be displayed on the screen saying that you have been blessed.

Once this message pops up, it means that you are ready for your meeting with Faith and she is coming for you.

After a short time, you will start hallucinating and will soon become intoxicated. Once it happens, the mission will start. There is not much to do here except watching the cutscenes and listening to Faith. Once you get back in control, walk to the edge and take a leap of faith. Looks like something straight out of the Assassins Creed franchise.

Once the encounter is over, you will be back to the normal game. This meeting will take place every time you lower the cultist control in a region in Hope County. They are pre-set and are not affected by the decisions that you make in the game.

The Bliss

The Bliss is yet another encounter with Faith. You have to do absolutely nothing during this encounter. Not even a jump. This encounter is triggered once you have further lowered the cultist control in the Henbane River region. Watch the long cutscene, which starts in a green heavenly world leading to a red fiery world about to collapse where you meet Joseph.

Once it is over, you will wake up in the prison and see Sheriff and Tracy trying to wake you up. You get to know the circumstances of what happened to you only to pass out again and then wake up later in the normal game.

This concludes our Far Cry 5 Clinical Study, A Leap of Faith, The Bliss Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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