Far Cry 5 Alien Objects Guide

Our Far Cry 5 Alien Objects Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about finding all the ET objects in order to acquire the Magnopulser Weapon.

You can always come across something weird in the world of Far Cry 5. Today, let’s talk about stuff that is literally out of this world! Check out our Far Cry 5 Alien Objects Guide to find out more.

Far Cry 5 Alien Objects

When you stray off the main path in Hope County, you can come across all sorts of stuff. The world is packed with a lot of absurd content. One of these is the Magnopulser which is a weapon of extra-terrestrial nature.

To acquire this weapon, you need to first find all the Alien Objects in Hope County. Let’s head into the details you should know to get that piece of alien technology!

Finding Larry

You will first need to head to John Seed’s region of Holland Valley. Here, move to the Parker Laboratories which is just west of Fall’s End.

Talk to Larry who’ll ask for your help to turn off generators nearby to free him from a weird electric field. Talk to Larry again to get 4 tasks, one after the other.

You could head to our Far Cry 5 Side Missions Guide if you’re having trouble with these. The last quest will require you to find the Alien Objects hidden in a crop circle.

Alien Objects Locations

The crop circle is marked on your map. After heading there, you’ll have to search the area. The first object is located near some turkeys in a clear piece of land.

The first piece of the alien object will be founded inside a dead cow. The cow will continue to glow even after taking the alien object, but there are no more alien objects inside the cow.

The second alien object requires some effort to reach. You need to climb up the small silos in Bradbury Farm to reach the bigger one. It’s on a platform over the rooftop here.

The third glowing object is located near some turkeys in a clear piece of land.

The fourth alien object will be in the mouth of a dog. Chase after him so he drops this piece of alien object or kill him.

Once you’ve successfully acquired all the Alien Objects, you’ll have the supreme weapon waiting for you at a store. The Magnopulser is under the ‘Special Weapons’ tab of the Store Menu.

You will get $800 and 200 resistance points for completing this quest.

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