Far Cry 4 Propaganda Center Quests – Locations, How to Stop

Complete walkthrough of Far Cry 4 Propaganda Center quests. Propaganda Center Locations and how to stop enemy propaganda by destroying propaganda machines.

You get numerous quests to sharpen your skills or otherwise add to your gameplay in Far Cry 4. You would have gotten rid of all the radio towers and posters of Pagan Min by now if you are looking forward to more quests.

Another type of quests are related to the Propaganda Centers of Pagan Min. All you need to do is get to the place and blow it up!

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Far Cry 4 Propaganda Center

This one is another form of propaganda making of Min. There are four Propaganda Centers in and around the Abandoned Jheel and we have listed all of them below with map coordinates and the information you will need to overcome each one of them.

The basic procedure for all of the Propaganda Centers is the same; you get rid of the enemies first and blow up every bit of the propaganda equipment on the location.

Buildings holding the equipment that you need to destroy will be marked yellow on the map so you will not have difficulty figuring out where everything is. Also there will be a percentage marker telling you how much more of the items you need to destroy.

Propaganda Center #1
Map Coordinates: x:477 y:322

At this location, and probably every other location for these quests, you will be blowing off your cover as soon as blow up the first item. However, you can take the hills beside the location and snipe down as many of the enemies as you can.

Do remember to plant some mines on the road leading to the place as more enemy waves will come in as soon as you start destroying the equipment.

After that, you can take on the two main buildings one by one – they have most of the equipment. Once you are done, get to the radio tower on top of the hill, destroy it, pick up the health pack and then blow up the black trucks.

Do remember that you can pick up C4, grenades and mines from the crates around the buildings.

As far as the reinforcements are concerned, you will get three ATVs and a truck from the road on the north. This comes in when you are done with half of the equipment – make use of the mines here before they come.

The second wave is going to come at you when you are about to finish off the last items; it will reach you from the south comprising of the same vehicles as the first.

Propaganda Center #2
Map Coordinates: x:359 y:577

This location has a lot of terraced buildings packed together near a mountain. Make sure you have sniped out enough of the enemies from the hill before going all in.

Most of the equipment is going to be inside the building in the center. These are mostly computers and printing machines as well as some boxes on the outside of the building. Once you are done with this building; you will be half way there.

Just some additional tips: throwing in grenades can take care of more of the machinery than actually shooting at them here since they are packed together.

The dirt road on the western side will bring in reinforcements – some mines planted wisely before they arrive will do much good.

Propaganda Center #3
Map Coordinates: x:571 y:778

It would be better if you reach this location from the north because up here you will get some good sniping spots. Among the enemy crowd, try and take out the rocketeer first, then the sniper and finally the heavy gunner. There also are guards that you can take down with your sniper rifle.

Afterwards, the cabin on the north eastern side will present to you some of the equipment inside and you can also take down the radio tower nearby. You can take the zipline to go down.

Here, you should go to the other building and do what you do best i.e. blow up the equipment.

Reinforcements are going to come in at you after this, but you can plant some C4 for them beforehand on the road near the scavengers.

When you are done with them, continue wrecking hell until the next wave of reinforcements comes in. This time you will get some ATVs and a helicopter alongside some new guards. Make sure you have the rocket launcher ready, or whatever suits you best.

Propaganda Center #4
Map Coordinates: x:710 y:709

Unlike most of the previous locations, this one has the equipment spread out among many huts. You will still stand a better chance if you take down the enemies by sniping at them.

No specific strategy is required to make good on the objective, just go in after you have sniped away the enemies ans start destroying the equipment one by one.

Reinforcements will come in from the southern hills as well as the northern road. You can take care of (most of) the latter by planting some C4 mines before its their time to come. They will have a helicopter with them, so get your gear ready for it.

Last but not the least, don’t leave out the vehicles as they will also count for some of the damage percentage you need to achieve.

If there is anything missing or confusing in the guide, let us know and we will help you with it.

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