Far Cry 4 Fortresses Guide – Display Of Fortitude, How to Conquer

How to conquer Far Cry 4 Fortresses and unlock Display of Fortitude achievement or trophy.

There are four fortresses in Far Cry 4 and each one is overseen by a separate ruler (Pagan Min controls one of them). They are stronger and more pumped with defenses than the outposts. However, you can go around them if you take the strategy book with you.

For instance, all the fortresses grow weaker when their ruler is dead or when you have taken down the alarms. Which is why we have focused a lot on how to take down the alarms.

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Far Cry 4 Fortresses

When you are taking on any one of the four fortresses in Far Cry 4, the game is going to be your playground when you are at it, so we have kind of provided you with an overview of the strategically important entry spots, enemies and other locations.

We have also tried to be clear about the different ways you can tackle and maneuver the battleground to your benefit. What you do with all this information is purely up to you.

Fortress #1 – Baghadur

Map Coordinates: x:196 y:600
Ruler: Noore Najjar

Baghadur is actually constructed inside a mountain which makes it look even more impenetrable than it is.

As it is the case with all the enemy bases; it is a good idea to take care of the alarms first, and this one has three of them.

You can get one of them while entering the fortress from the front. The alarm is on the balcony and it also has a mortar and a defender close to it. While this is up high, there also is a machine gun below so keep your guard up.

Now, you can either grapple up to it from below or reach the northern end of the main wall and follow the path to the balcony. Here, you can get rid of all three.

A better way to get at the alarms is if you fetch a grappling point on the cliffs as you walk around the wall at the north-eastern side of the map. Up there a ledge will take you higher, and from there you should look for another grappling point on the north-eastern side.

This will take you further up to a path that comes to a reddish shelf and a large hole. Go down the hole and you will reach next to the second and third alarm. Throw in some explosives to be sure and then drop down. Otherwise, you will be facing two beheaders and a heavy gunner at full power.

There are ziplines that can take you to the alarm on the balcony as well as the mortar. From the ground level, you might need to take the stairs up to get to that alarm (stairs are behind the giant statue).

Majority of the enemies are on the front and the outside so it is a good idea to skip them by taking the sideways path to the inside. Also, when you are through with the alarms, the mortar gun will also be an easy catch and you can use it to take on the enemies in the front courtyard.

As far as the reinforcements are concerned, helicopters will be dropping beheaders and defenders while attaching you. So yes, get rid of those alarms quickly! Oh and if you get to this fortress after you have completed the Shoot the Messenger mission, you will only have to deal with the two alarms inside.

Moreover, it is always good to keep your bags full of ammo, so check out the south eastern corner of the main room for an ammo chest.

Fortress #2 – Rajgad Gulag

Map Coordinates: x:811 y:795
Ruler: Pagan Min

This is Pagan Min’s very own fortress, and it is lethal with its twists and turns combined with sharp wires and an array of different enemies. Strategically, it will be a good idea if you do some sniping before entering the area. Go to the hilltops and take out as many snipers as you can.

Even after that, you can avoid entering the place from the front. In this case, you should go left from the front gate side and follow the dirt path towards a cave. Just like in the previous fortress, you will land up in close proximity to the alarms inside.

When you get rid of the two alarms on the north, make sure to check inside the houses under them for ammo chests. There are two more alarms, one in on the main building in the middle and the second to the south on a small hut. The last one isn’t usually covered by enemies though.

However, the rest of the area is and your enemies are always on the move. For instance, a heavy gunner will patrol around the main structure all the time and even when you are getting to him, you will have to take care of the mounted gun and the defender on the top.

In order to protect yourself, it would be a good idea to try and go inside the huts whenever possible.

Also, there are a lot of mines around the place; eastern side is relatively safer when you come right at it from the hills. The path along the southern walls is not safe due to mines.

Fortress #3 – Ratu Gadhi

Map Coordinates: x:562 y:604
Ruler: Yuma Lau

This fortress has multiple small huts inside which make it a little complex, but you have a high wall all around it that can provide you with numerous vantage points to snipe inside.

The first thing you should do however is to snipe the defender on the east near the mortar; otherwise he will naturally spot you whatever you want to do. Also, after you have taken him down, you can crawl under that building to camp and get as many of the enemies that pass by.

Another way to take on the place is to use the south-eastern side. There is a grapple point that will take you inside a barn. You can get the guard there, and then lure in the guard dog as well as the charger to take them out quietly.

From the same place, you will be able to take down some of the enemies on the rooftops around you and clear the defender near the alarm on the south. If you clear this area, you would have conquered half the fortress.

While you are trying to take down other alarms, try and find some of the numerous spots on the rooftops. They are pretty close to each other and you can even travel a long way by leaping from one to the other.

You also have a choice here, you can take the grapple point from the north and get to the mortar nearby – giving yourself a chance to take down tons of enemies; but this will also alert them and if the alarms are still working, you will be hit by reinforcements soon.

Talking of, even the first reinforcement here brings a helicopter; then you get two more in the second wave.

Fortress #4 – Varshakot

Map Coordinates: x:511 y:430
Ruler: Paul Harmon aka De Pleur

You could enter the place using the grapple points near the northern or the southern gates, but as always, there are more ways than one for that. You can enter by taking a cave entrance with water on the eastern side of the fortress. Just get in and swim to the rocks, now dive and locate the passage underwater.

On the other side, you can take the ladder that will bring you up close to the alarm near you and a defender. There are three alarms in this fortress, but the good part is, waiting for it will pay off.

Attack it after you are done with The City of Pain mission and you will only have to deal with one alarm. Just so you know, that alarm is the one on the bigger structure on the north that edges out a little from the main wall of the fortress.

The fortress has two mortars, it would be a good idea to take down the sniper beside either one off them and control the mortar to raise hell. Talking of, maybe you would want to visit the cliff on the western side before going in. Sniping from there will let you take down both the snipers and two alarms close to you.

You can also wait for the a heavy gunner to patrol in your range on the eastern side of the castle. Same goes for anther heavy gunner close to the center. Lastly, you will get reinforcements (more if you have more than one alarms left active), in the shape of helicopters. They will bring in soldiers and will also fire upon you.

If there is anything confusing or missing in the guide, drop a line in the comments section below and we will help you with it

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