No Fallout 4 Yet But You Should Check Out This Fan Made Fallout MMO

Bethesda is still very silent about Fallout 4 and that might be getting on the nerves of some fans. Well, there might be something pretty interesting for these restless gamers.

A fan made Fallout MMO which has been in the works for a few months will be releasing pretty soon, giving players a taste of the Fallout universe.

Titled FOnline: Ashes of the Phoenix, the MMO will be available for public to download and play starting September 5th. The game brings players to a post-apocalyptic wasteland which once used to be Pheonix, Arizona.

The area is being fought over by 4 different factions, each with control over one of the city’s gates. Players start the game as a member of one of these factions, out to score some supplies and resources.

Everything in Phoenix is out to get the player whether it’s the sewer rats or mercenaries and the only allies they have will be their faction members.

The game revolves around factions taking control of zones of the city. The more zones a faction controls the more powerful it becomes and in turn the players of the faction benefit from that.

The game can be downloaded from the official website of FOnline here once it releases or you can check out the livestream which will be held on 30th August.

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