Famous Platformer Outland Hitting Steam On 29th Of September

Housemarque has revealed that its famous platformer, Outland is coming to PC on 29th of September.

Housemarque has announced that its popular Xbox Live and PSN title Outland is making its way to PC via Steam on 29th of September.

PC version of the game will feature improved co-op campaign with the revamped check point system so that the players can have a smoother experience.

Outland is basically a 2D platformer which contains some incredible action elements as you will be using the energies of Red and Blue color representing Darkness and Light respectively.

These light and dark energies will help you cross different barriers that you will come across while playing through the platformer.

As you move further in the game, you will learn special powers upon visiting large shrines. There are also a bunch of collectibles in the game, which will require some exploration on the players’ part if they are interested.

The game’s campaign can be played alone or with a friend in co-op and there are certain challenges that will only unlock if you play cooperatively.

Outland upon its release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 got incredible reception scoring a total of 83% on metacritic, which is quite an impressive score.

PC players will finally be able to get their hands on the platformer on 29th of September.

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