Famitsu Playstation Article Debunks Playstation 5 Information

A new Famitsu Playstation article has debunked another article claiming an outrageous price and a fake release date for the Playstation 5.

An article released by the website Gamers Gate today started to circulate some apparently false information about the Playstation 5, saying that the console was coming out on December 4 of 2020 and would cost $600, with a Playstation 4 Pro version being $1000. However, a Famitsu Playstation article has ended these rumors just as quickly.

While pricing is always a matter of discussion in the run-up to a console releasing, especially in regards to this generation, Sony is not willing to let any rumors from any source that preposterous sap hype for the console. However, this isn’t the first time Gamers Gate has produced false information.

For instance, previously the site had claimed it had visual confirmation of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes from Amazon Spain back in October. However, the pictures it used as evidence were from 2017. There are also various other fake articles published across the website.

While we still don’t have any idea of how much the Playstation 5 will cost, or a specific release date, the Famitsu Playstation article has at least let us know that it thankfully won’t be $600 or $1000. Of course, this then begs the question of when it will release, and how much it will actually cost.

When they first released, the Playstation 4 released for $399, while the Xbox One released for $499 (likely pointing to one reason why that console was less popular on its launch). While the Playstation 3 launched for $599 for the 60 gigabyte variant, the normal 20 gigabyte version was $499.

Sony has since said that a price this high was a mistake on the Playstation 3 that cost it its dominance in that generation to the Xbox 360, so it’s highly unlikely that they’ll price a console that high again unless they’re good reason. While it’s likely that it will still launch at some point in the holiday period of 2020, however, the Famitsu Playstation article hasn’t given any hints.

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