UPDATE: AMD GPU Users Hit With False PUBG Bans

PUBG might be popular but, it isn't a perfect game and now false PUBG bans are hitting players with AMD GPUs in their systems.

UPDATE: PUBG Corp took notice of the situation and the anti-cheat team has resolved these false PUBG bans. Meaning those wrongfully banned can now play PUBG.

According to the Community Manager, the reason for the ban was the September 2018 drivers, 18.9.1.

PUBG might be popular but, it isn’t a perfect game by any means. Hackers and bugs are abundant in the game. However, the devs are making things worse for themselves as false PUBG bans are hitting players with AMD GPUs.

According to reports, following Patch 23 the game is banning gamers who are playing PUBG on an AMD GPU. Reportedly, many players have appealed against their bans but to no avail.

PUBG Corp is yet to acknowledge that the game is handing out false bans to players. Also, it would be wise to refrain from playing PUBG until the issue resolves.

Interestingly, this comes after the devs announcing hardware based anti-cheat system. This new anti-cheat system will ban the hardware using cheats or hacks.

However, this anti-cheat system rolls out on November 10. So it is unlikely that PUBG’s new anti-cheat system is behind these false bans.

But, there is a possibility that the team introduced the new anti-cheat system with Patch 23. However, until PUBG Corp officially announces it, we can only speculate.

Ideally, this anti-cheat system might be the solution that will eliminate cheaters. Previously, PUBG Corp was banning user accounts found cheating. These hackers would just make a new account and start using hacks again.

With their hardware banned, they will have to get a new system which is significantly expensive compared to making a new account.

Battle Royale genre skyrocketed to popularity with the launch of PUBG. Following that more and more devs are introducing Battle Royale modes in their games.

Black Ops 4 is another game to introduce Battle Royale. However, the game’s launch has a very little impact of PUBG’s player base. According to the report, the game only saw a 4% decrease in its player count following the release of Black Ops 4.

PUBG is multiplayer Battle Royale title developed by PUBG Corp. The game is available for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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