Fallout Shelter Thanksgiving Update Announced for iOS and Android

Bethesda has released a new update for Fallout Shelter for iOS and Android. The update will give the Vault a makeover, decorations, Turkey etc.

Bethesda has announced a brand new Thanksgiving update for Fallout Shelter, the highly popular mobile game. The update will be available through PlayStore and App Store.


Your Vault will get a Thanksgiving makeover, we are talking decorations and from the looks of the image above, the Wasteland Thanksgiving celebrations do involve a Turkey.

We don’t know where they found a Turkey after the Nukes exploded, but they have. For now, the update isn’t yet available but we will let you know as soon as Bethesda rolls it out.

On a related note, Fallout 4 players can now use a fan-made color coded map to help locate all of the special items, Bobbleheads and more. Each color on the map represents either an item, Bobblehead, point of interest, settlements, vault, city/town. This could greatly help Fallout 4 players locate armors, weapons, find vaults and more.

For more on Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter, stay-tuned!

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