Fallout 76 Wastelanders Trade Secrets Walkthrough

Trade Secrets is a very long main story quest in Fallout 76. In this guide, we have prepared the full...

Trade Secrets is a very long main story quest in Fallout 76. In this guide, we have prepared the full Fallout 76 Wastelanders Trade Secrets Walkthrough to help you out with this DLC quest.

You’ll be assigned with multiple tasks during Trade Secrets and will fight a lot of adversaries throughout your quest. You’ll travel to places in search for items for Penny Hornwright. Collecting those items for her completes this Quest.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Trade Secrets

To start the Quest, you must fast travel to Charleston Herald. Once there, head inside the Hornwright Industrial HQ.

Here you’ll find few Scorched Wanderer’s. Kill them and head up the elevator on the right, on the upper floor kill more enemies and move up from the other elevator on its right.

Make sure to be equipped as there are multiple Mole Miner Scrapers here. Take them out and travel to Garrahan Estate.

Once there, head up the elevator to the top floor and go up the stairs on its left. Move straight and go downstairs from the far end part of the floor and enter a door ahead and unlock the Penny Hornwright’s Terminal. Click the ELD code right to 0x31A8 and hack the Terminal.

From here click the Secondary Passcode Entry and Enter the passcode “30448”. Access the Keypad Printer and the Hornwright’s Safe Room Access card will be added to your collection.

Make sure to deal with Hornwright’s Butlers and Security as you’ll find a lot of them.

Return to the elevator and head down to the Safe Room. Once you’re in, you’ll find Penny Hornwright on the staircase ahead.

Interact with her, and tell her that the vault is full of gold and you’re going to help rebuild your society with it.

Hearing this, she agrees to help you if you allow her to be a part of your society. Say yes and she’ll ask you to find a few things for her. Agree with her demands and head down the elevator and travel to Summersville.

Go inside the house with the lights turned on. Kill the Ghouls there and go downstairs into a room with the Pip Boy schematic mounted on the wall. Take it and travel to Vault-Tec University.

Interact with Gilbert and ask him about a lady with grey hair. After he tells you her locations. Finish the conversation and head into the University.

Pass through the first sliding door and meet a Legendary Campus Security Protection along with lots of other Campus Security Protections.

Head downstairs killing all of the Security coming in your way and make a left through the Simulation Vault Entrance. Follow the path down and reach a sliding door left to the last staircase.

Follow the path down again passing through another sliding door and head up the stairs where you’ll find a lot of Security. Take them out and head down the stairs leading you towards the control terminals.

Fight more security and go to the uppermost part of this area with a few terminals and a desk with a lamp on it.

There you’ll find a Pip-Boy 2000 MK VI KIT. Take it and travel back to the safe room.

Interact with Penny and travel to 98 NAR Regional. Find a Glowing Fungus behind a few broken containers below and move forward to fight a few Mr. Gutsy and Eyebots.

Collect the Sensor Module from the defeated Eyebot and travel to RobCo Research Center. Once there, kill few enemies and head down the blue facility on the left. Fight the Robobrain Devastator and collect the Interpolator from it.

Return to the safe room and give these items to Penny. Once you’ve delivered Penny her items, return to Paige and interact with him to complete the Quest and increase your Reputation.

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