Fallout 76 Wastelanders Fun and Games Walkthrough

Once you’ve completed ‘Cheating Death’ in Wastelanders DLC, you will be given the quest ‘Fun and Games’. The Fallout 76...

Once you’ve completed ‘Cheating Death’ in Wastelanders DLC, you will be given the quest ‘Fun and Games’. The Fallout 76 Wastelanders Fun and Games quest has you going around the wasteland to try and recruit Gail and Ra-Ra for the Vault 79 Heist.

This Fun and Games quest guide will help you through every step of the Wastelanders quest as much detail as possible.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Fun and Games

Ra-Ra has gone missing and Gail is worried, you must find Ra-Ra and help her in the Grafton Steel Underground. Trapped with robots, she has been trying to find her toy Bunnabun, Helping her is the only way to convince Gail and Ra-Ra to come to the Vault 79 heist.


  • 7x Purified Water
  • 32x .45 Rounds
  • 1x Tesla Rifle
  • 9x Fusion Cells
  • 1x Teddy bear

Speak with Gail
Gail can be found in the same room where you initially get the quest. Talk to him, where initially he will be repulsive talking to you.

You will have to convince him through the dialogues that you are there to help him. Discuss all the options, and Gail will tell you that he wants you to help get Ra-Ra out of danger.

Enter Grafton Steel Underground
The entrance to Grafton Steel can be found South of where you talked to Gail. You can also fast travel there directly.

You might find a few enemies blocking your path in the vicinity, take them out and you can find the entrance at the bottom of the facility.

Find Ra-Ra
In the underground facility, you will find robots roaming around, take them all out. Ra-Ra can be found on the level above, just go up the stairs and talk to her. She will ask you to help her find Bunnabun.

Find Ra-Ra’s Toy
Once you are done talking to Ra-Ra, she will activate a terminal in the room to your left opening the door.

Follow Ra-Ra through and kill any robots that show up in your path.

Power Armor: You will come across a room with Power Armor in the area. If you ask Ra-Ra to help you get access to it, she will agree and go through the vent to unlock the door for you.

Destroy the Sentry Bot
The Legendary Annihilator Sentry Bot MK. II will come brandishing its guns. Take cover immediately.

Use explosives to deal some initial damage. Upon death, the sentry bot will drop Assassin’s Pipe Pistol and Bunnabun.

Once you’ve given Bunnabun back to Ra-Ra, you can either convince her to come with you to the Vault 79 Raid.

Speak with Meg
Talk to Meg to finally finish ‘Fun and Games’.

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