Fallout 76 Wastelanders Ally: One Small Step Walkthrough

For One Small Step quest, you have to find a scanner upgrade module for your console and Commander Daguerre is here to assist you. This Fallout 76 Wastelanders Ally: One Small Step guide is a complete walkthrough for the quest One Small Step and will help you find the scanner upgrade module.

Ally: One Small Step is part of Sofia Daguerre’s questline and completing this questline will allow you to recruit and romance her.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Ally: One Small Step

So talk to Commander Daguerre and she will ask you to find a scanner upgrade module. Ask her where can you find the module and she will tell you that it might be found in a military base.

So head to the ATLAS Observatory as Commander Daguerre instructed. Go ahead straight walk through the door beside the oil tanker. Stay in the dark and walk up to the first floor.

Loot everything you need and then climb down through the opening ahead. Turn right and go past the wrecked container.

There will be toolboxes here. Unlock them and loot the items. Go ahead then and find the stairs to the second floor. Loot the items and return to the main level.

You will see a control terminal besides a locked door. Interact with the terminal to open the door and then go through it.

Push the door shut in front of you to stay safe from enemy robots and then open the lock of the metal box.

Once you have looted the items, open the door again and go ahead. Just as you come out of this room, head into the room to your left and deal with the enemy robots here.

Interact with the ATLAS Research log terminal and then go to the second room to the left.

Loot for the items there and then walk up the stairs to the next floor. There will be more toolboxes and metal trunks here to loot.

Once you have grabbed everything, return to the camp and interact with Commander Daguerre. This will be the ending of the quest Ally: One Small Step as you will have got the scanner upgrade module.