Fallout 76 Unique Apparel Locations Guide

Our Fallout 76 Unique Apparel Guide is to help you find some special clothing that will make you look different from everyone else in the game. To get these Unique Apparels in Fallout 76, you will need to collect different type of items through quests.

Apart from simple cosmetic changes, these also bring some bonuses that will make your survival in West Virginia a lot easier.

Fallout 76 Unique Apparel Locations

All of these Fallout 76 Apparels except Hazmat Suit can be obtained by completing different quests in the game. In this Fallout 76 Guide, we will tell you about each Unique Apparel and the missions that you will have to complete to unlock them.

How to Unlock Apparel Items

Unique Apparel Item Type Bonus How to Unlock
1. Diver Suit Hazmat This will reduce damage caused by radiation
2. Eye of Ra Accessory It enhances the Mistress of Mystery’s regalia This can be obtained from Mistress of Mystery Quest: Mistress of Mystery and should be equipped with the Garb of Mysteries.
3. Garb of Mysteries Light Armor This will provide you with some energy and ballistic resistance. It also improves your ability to see and sneak. Wearing it with the Eye of Ra will increase effects further. This apparel can be found from the Fabricator once completing Mistress of Mystery Quest: Initiate of Mysteries.
4. Last Bastion Urban Enclave Torso This will provide you with +5 accuracy while using ballistic weapons Can be obtained by completing “Officer on Desk” quest.
5. Prototype Hazmat Suit Hazmat Suit Offer protection from radiation Just complete the “Tracking Unknowns” side quest.
7. Stand Fast Combat Armor This will allow you to be harder to detect when you’re sneaking It comes as a reward for completing “Early Warnings” quest.
8. Silver Lining Leather Torso This provides the wearer with +1 Endurance Another reward of completing “Tentative Plans” quest.
9. Trail Warden Metal Torso This provides the wearer with +1 Perception. A reward for completing “Bureau of Tourism” quest.
10. Veil of Secrets Headwear This will prevent you from taking damage and disease from airborne risks. This can be also obtained from the Fabricator after the completion of Mistress of Mystery Quest: Into the Mystery.
11. Worn Veil Headwear This is the damaged worn veil This can be achieved by completing Mistress of Mystery Quest: Into the Mystery


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