Fallout 76 Can’t Be Called A Survival Game, Comparisons Are Not Accurate Says Bethesda

Todd Howard avoids the word ‘survival’ when referring to Fallout 76 because the comparisons are not accurate for what they are doing.

Fallout 76 is the next installment in the Fallout series and it came as a surprise when the game was announced as an online only game. Fans were confused about the game, some thought it’ll be a full MMO survival instead of the RPG elements, Bethesda is known for.

Todd Howard says that they avoid using the ‘survival’ word because it fails to explain the game. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Todd Howard cleared all the confusion by talking in details about why calling Fallout 76 a survival game is inaccurate.

Todd Howard said:

We avoid the word ‘survival’, because people’s minds immediately go to DayZ and Rust and certain other games, and those comparisons are not really accurate for what we’re doing. If you think about the survival modes we’ve made in Fallout 4, it has that vibe… Fallout 76, although it’s an online game, when I play it, I mostly still play it solo. We like those experiences as much as our fans do.

Howard then went on to reveal that the idea of Fallout 76 came when they were developing Fallout 4. “It was just the design: if we do multiplayer, what would it look like?” he said, but wasn’t ever prototyped.

The option to play with the strangers worries some newcomer who can be gunned down but it’s not going to be the case in Fallout 76 as Howard has assured the fans by saying it’s not fun at all and there will be no loss of progression due to death.

“No, that’s not fun,” says Todd. “Well, it’s fun for whoever killed you, but not for you… Death is already bad enough in a game, because you’re losing time, that we didn’t feel we needed to add any further penalty. We wanted to make sure you don’t lose your progression.”

Fallout 76 is scheduled to release on November 14, 2018, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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