Fallout 76 Side Quests Amount to150+ Hours of Gameplay Without NPC Backed Stories

Fallout 76 side quests could quickly become redundent and repetitve. The total amount of content is over 150+ hours long with more NPCs backed story.

Fallout 76 is Bethesda’s latest addition to the Fallout game series. Their signature work alongside the Elder Scrolls series. These two are known to be time-consuming single player games with a rich main storyline, and plenty of side content. Fallout 76, however, has adopted a different format, in the form of an MMORPG instead.

Bethesda recently spoke to Xbox Magazine regarding the length of Fallout 76 side quests. In their statement, they revealed over 150 hours of side content to go along with the main story. This side content stretches out over quests, terminals full of information, settlement building, clan creations etc.

To go alongside the side content is the main story, which focuses on a character named “The Overseer” who’s left instructions and information for the players around the world of Fallout 76.

150 hours worth of Fallout 76 side quests is a lot of content but will it keep the players hooked and attached to the game as the developers intended? Fallout 76 has been confirmed to not have any NPCs (non playable characters) within it. This is a major stray away from Fallout’s most popular features; interesting side characters, side stories.

The idea of them being mostly replaced by terminals or simply other players is an idea that irks most of the Fallout fanbase. This is because fans of the series were drawn to it in the first place by its single-player narrative. The developers have described 76 to feel more alive in comparison to the previous titles yet it feels barren and empty.

Hours have to be put into strengthening your character, as well as, how you need to make decisions on how you use your limited resources. Such as the choice of when to use the only mini nuke you have in your Fatman. On the other hand, the multiplayer aspect of the game also means the world won’t freeze around the player when they access a terminal or pull up their pip-boy. And that it’s a common occurrence to be attacked from behind while going through terminal data.


The announcement and direction has divided the community. With most of the longtime fans of the series disapproving of the step into the multiplayer territory. For some fans, Fallout has been in a decline after the widely favorite New Vegas.

Source: Xbox Magazine

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