Fallout 76 Finally Ready For A Public Test Server

Bethesda Softworks has taken nearly a year to realize that a public test server is desperately needed to ensure stability in Fallout 76. The developer has now placed its hopes on to the players who will be rummaging through future patches themselves to point out potential issues before any changes go live.

The public test server is currently in development and slated for release at some point next year, announced Bethesda Softworks earlier today on its official blog. The developer will share details on how players can participate when “most of the kinks” are figured out. In the meantime, players are requested to constantly relay feedback about what other possible improvements can be made to Fallout 76.

The latest post-apocalyptic entry has had an extremely rough journey. Games by Bethesda Softworks are known for their fair share of bugs but Fallout 76 has reached new levels in that regard. The installment was already riddled with issues from day one. What made the situation even worse was that almost every major patch broke more things than fixing them. Hence, instead of squashing a game-breaking bug, the patches would give birth to a couple of new ones in the process, resulting in further headaches for both the developer and players.

It’s why a public test server was being highly requested in the early months. Bethesda Softworks, having failed on its own, can have a small group of players play the new patch to ascertain everything’s fine before moving the patch to the live servers. It’s actually unfortunate that the developer took this long.

Most recently, it came to light that the collectible T-51 helmets many purchased in zeal at launch have a mold risk. Bethesda Softworks has now recalled them all and will also be issuing refunds. This same collector’s edition was ridiculed for the infamous canvas-bag controversy. Label it unlucky or incompetence, Fallout 76 has been a trainwreck.

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Fallout 76 is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can regularly find the game on discount if you’re thinking of giving it a go.

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