Fallout 76 Players Banned Permanently for Homophobic Attack

A group of high level Fallout 76 players have been permanently banned by Bethesda for doing a homophobic attack.

Bethesda has committed to make wasteland a better place and to do it, they have now banned a group of Fallout 76 players after homophobic attacks. This homophobic attack was reported by a Twitter user who was seeking help in order to report it.

This homophobic attack in Fallout 76 was performed by a group of players who targeted other players in their servers by harassing them. They were found saying that “we have come to eliminate all gays.” This homophobic attack in Fallout 76 was also recorded in a video.

Fallout 76 does come with an open chat system. This system allows the players to chat with random players and you can hear them when they are near to you. Bethesda implemented it to make the online experience much interesting and to create interaction between players. Well, it’s not working very well.

The shared video of the homophobic attack in Fallout 76 shows a group of high-level players following others and commenting on their appearances. But the most annoying part was that they followed first then harassed by saying that they are going to kill gay people only. Their leader “NathanTheHicc” is heard saying some of the most disgusting things. He’s heard saying “queer down” and “decontaminate the aids”.

The victim of this horrible incidence then took it to Twitter to ask Bethesda how he can report these players. You can watch the video here which now has more than 32.6k views.

So @bethesda, how do we report people in @Fallout? @ChipWhitehouse @Handsandhead and I literally had our characters hunted down and killed by homophobic players. I’ll post more of the video in a thread. Strong language warning.

Called themselves the “gay eliminators” “cleansing the wasteland of the queers” “know what we did to your people back then, we killed them” THIS is the stuff said to us tonight when playing Fallout.

Eurogamer then discussed this whole incident with AJpls and they got to know how it actually started.

“The three of us were having a good time and talking to him and then one of us commented on his character or his characters outfit being cute. He replied, ‘I don’t fuck with that homo shit’ and left.”

Then the guy named “NathanTheHicc” returned to their server with some friends to harass them.

The game notified me that if I didn’t fight back, they would do limited damage so I didn’t fight back and hoped they would just get bored and leave,” He said. “They stuck with it and even joked about how ‘this is the strongest queer I’ve ever seen’.

Well, luckily Bethesda worked nicely and took notice of the incident. Both Nathan and his friends are now permanently banned from Fallout 76.

A Bethesda spokesperson made it very clear by saying that they will not tolerate this kind of behavior at all.

Though it has been confirmed that you can’t report such type of incidents directly from inside the game. You can do it through Bethesda.net but it’s a very confusing and broken process.

In other news, Bethesda has revealed the patch notes for their next Fallout 76 update. The patch notes of upcoming Fallout 76 update reveal that it’ll bring extra storage space and some game balance changes. You can check out the full patch notes here for the upcoming Fallout 76 update here.

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