Fallout 76 Out of the Blue Codes, Open Sesame Seed

Want to know the passwords for the panels to open the lab door in Out of the Blue?

Steel Reign DLC for Fallout 76 is out now, bringing the end to the ‘Brotherhood of Steel’ storyline introduced in Steel Dawn DLC. Out of the Blue is the 3rd main quest of the Steel Reign DLC. In this Fallout 76 guide, we have the complete Out of the Blue mission guide for you, including Out of the Blue puzzle codes you might be searching for.

The Out of the Blue quest can start at Fort Atlas. Palladin Ramani will come to you and ask you to help him search for the Blue Ridge Caravan company. Once you reach the lab area, you will require codes for three panels to open the lab door. You can try to find the door codes yourself by solving the puzzle, or you can use the code below, which we decoded for your convenience.

Lab Door Codes

If you are trying to solve the puzzle on your own, start by collecting a note from the nearby table. The note will say, ‘Open Sesame Seed’. Nearby, on a board, a conversion chart can be used to decode the password required to open the door. The letters on the board correspond to a number:

We have listed all three required Sesame Seed passwords below for ease.

  • Open – 12 11 22 13 (Panel 1)
  • Sesame – 8 22 8 26 14 22 (Panel 2)
  • Seed – 8 22 22 23 (Panel 3)

Entering this password will open the lab door for you. After that, keep moving through the tunnel until you reach the area of Strangler Feral Ghoul and a Sheepsquatch Imposterling. After you clear them, investigate the caravan site to finish the Out of the Blue quest.

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