Fallout 76 Gameplay, World Details, Nuclear Silos, PVP Elements, Building, And Beta

Following its extensive reveal at E3 2018, we discuss everything you need to know about Fallout 76 Gameplay and what you should expect from it.

The new Fallout was revealed and received a full half an hour worth of information on features and gameplay details at Bethesda’s E3 2018 media briefing. Let us take a look at some of the more important revelations regarding Fallout 76 Gameplay and other details.

Fallout 76 Gameplay

Set years before the events of the first-ever Fallout game, you play as a survivor emerging from Vault 76 in the West Virginia.

Since it is around 20 years before those dirty bombs dropped, the environment is much more lush and colorful but that does not mean it still does not scream ‘post-apocalyptic’.

World Size and Visuals

Thanks to the new shaders and lightning, as Todd Howard described in the conference, the game will feature 16 times more detailed and visually stunning environments.

Every character you meet, every monster you put down, and every piece of land your traverse will be as grandeur to look at as interacting with them.

The game is also confirmed to be 4 times the size of the previous entry in the series, Fallout 4. This means that the players will have even more freedom and possibly more stuff to do in a much expansive area to roam in.

The CEO confirmed that the game would have six distinct regions to explore and discover all with different varieties of enemies, NPCs, and the overall design.

Fallout 76 (2)

Regarding the mutated creatures, Todd Howard said that his team took some sort of idea from the folklore within West Virginia.

Not much later, we got a look at the ‘The Beasts of Grafton’ book that may have something to do with the inspirations for the beasts in the game. Maybe check that out!

The Beasts of Grafton (1)

Your Power Suit

The Power Suit certainly seems like a cool deal. With strong defenses and armor, it seems like a measure to ensure your HP is not depleting quickly when fighting the monsters.

Moreover, it would also be resistant to poison and radioactive sites around the map.

On the offensive side, it can deal heavy damage thanks to the guns in the mech suit. It also seems to improve mobility and give a boost when leaping over landmasses higher up. Be sure to never venture out without putting the suit on!

Fallout 76 Gameplay Details Revealed

Since the Power Suit is so cool, the developers have decided to include the official helmet for in Fallout 76 Collectors’ Edition. It will have a lamp attached near the forehead part to make it all the more realistic.

It is definitely wearable so you know if you were willing to do a cosplay. It is a good opportunity! Lastly, the Collectors’ Edition will also have a physical copy of the in-game map that glows in the dark.

The PVP Elements

A new portion of what constitutes to the gameplay mechanics of Fallout 76 is the multiplayer and PVP elements. As highlighted in the conference, players can now form a group together and head for adventures.

The loot achieved and the data of the quests are always saved on a dedicated mega server so that any progress is never lost. This would mean that the game is always being saved kind of like the expansions of World of Warcraft.

When you join your friend’s session from solo or the other way around, your progression is carried over.

All these transitions from solo to online play happen simultaneously and seamlessly to make sure you are never compromising your experience for the technical side of the game.

Base Building and Crafting

Then we have the Crafting/Building System, a feature players can use to construct almost anything they desire. These include items for comfort like sofas, coffee makers, etc.

This also includes facilities to improve defenses for the base against threats from monsters or other raiding player parties.

Since, to provide overcrowding of the settlements and bases in the game, it can be safe to assume that your camp will not be present if you are not logged in the game.

This is actually good because this would mean that no raids could be performed to undo your hard work in the time that you are away from the game.

Nuclear Silos

A cool feature in the game is the presence of a few nuclear sites around the map. This may have been put in to fuel the rivalry and friendship between the players or you could just launch the nuclear missiles to get rid of a monster’s living place.

This works by interrogating the local NPCs and investigating the area for clues.

Thereafter, you can arrive to the site while carrying the code required to activate the silos and launch the missiles. Oh boy, it sure could be fun. Just make sure you have also prepared for such an attack because you never know!

Fallout 76 (3)

Once you have destroyed these areas with the destructive power of the atomic fusion, you can head to grab the boons of war. Of course, you cannot risk by going in such an area without protective gear to combat effects of radiation.

If you do reach the area, you are be able to collect important minerals and resources to improve your chances of survival.

Beta Details

In order to rule out any bugs before launch and to hype up its release, the game will have a beta for its fans to get a taste of the new setting and mechanics.

The ‘Break It Early Test Application’ will release soon for a limited time as Todd Howard confirmed of the beta when he joked about how people were complaining about some glitches in Bethesda’s games:

“I’ve read on the internet that our games have a few bugs”

That is it! All we have got to share about Fallout 76 Gameplay and other mechanics. Check out the full details on it when it launches in just a few months on Nov. 14, 2018.

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