Fallout 76 Exceptional Weapons Guide – How to Get

Our Fallout 76 Exceptional Weapons Guide will help you learn all about finding all the Exceptional/Quest weapons in the game.

There are tons and tons of weapons available for use in Fallout 76. However, there might be some players who feel like there just cannot be enough weapons in a game. That is where Exceptional Weapons come in and our Fallout 76 Exceptional Weapons Guide will tell you everything there is to know about them.

Fallout 76 Exceptional Weapons

Exceptional Weapons are only given to you as a reward for completing one of the quests. They do not have multiple flavors and they are based on a weapon that is already available in the game.

What sets them apart is the bonus that you get when using that weapon.

We will be telling you about all of the Exceptional Weapons in FO76, their type, bonus, and how you can get these weapons for yourself. Let us go ahead and look:

1. All Rise
This Two Handed Melee weapon is given to you when you complete the Side Quest known as Mayor for a Day.

2. Ancient Blade
This One-Handed Melee weapon is obtained during the Breach and Clear event.

3. Anti-Scorched Training Pistol
This is a 10mm Automatic Pistol which does 25% damage to Scorched enemies but 20% less to all others. When you are in the main quest known as Into the Fire, you get this gun before entering the Belching Betty mine.

4. Black Diamond
This melee weapon is given to you when you complete the main quest known as Flavors of Mayhem.

5. Blade of Bastet
This weapon rewards you with increased armor penetration and is a reward for completing the Quest known as Forging a Legend. Remember that you only get the increased armor penetration when you are wearing the Eye of Ra.

6. Bunker Buster
This Heavy Gun is a reward for completing the quest One of Us.

7. Camden Whacker
This weapon is a melee one and is purchased using Fuzzy Tokens at the prize shop in Camden Park.

8. Daisy Cutter
This Heavy weapon is given to you when you complete the Side Quest known as AN Organic Panic.

9. The Dragon
This exotic weapon does extra damage to the limbs of the enemies so those who are not that adept at aiming can benefit greatly from this gun.

10. Dross
This throwing weapon does not have a bonus but is used during the Dross Toss minigame in the Mistaken Identity quest.

11. Grant’s Saber
This melee weapon is given to you during the Forging a Legend quest.

12. Meteoric Sword
This is another one-handed melee weapon. It rewards you with 10% damage against humans as well as 90% reduced weight and one and a half times the durability. There is a chance to get this weapon during the event known as Lode baring.

13. Nailer
This one-handed melee weapon does more damage the lower your health. Get it from the event known as One Violent Night.

14. Paddle Ball
This is an exotic weapon that you can get by completing the One Violent Night event.

15. Pumpkin Grenade
This grenade does additional damage and radiation after popping. Get it for completing the quest known as Trick or Treat.

16. Pyrolyzer
This heavy gun reduces the damage of your enemy for 3 seconds. Complete the Side Quest known as Tracking Unknowns to get this weapon.

17. Rose’s Syringer
This is a Pipe Gun that you can get for completing Flavors of Mayhem in the main storyline. Head on over to Rose who is the leader of the Appalachia to get it.

18. Somerset Special
This is a pistol that is given to you for completing the event Black on the Beat.

19. Voice of Set
This pistol does additional damage against robots. You can get this as a reward for the quest known as Prototypical Problems.

20. Vox Syringer
This is a Pipe gun that can make the target talk to you. It is found in the quest Someone to Talk To if you look in Monongah.

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