Fallout 76 Developer Room Bans Being Handed Out, So Stay Out

Fallout 76 developer room bans are being handed out due to players illegally finding their way inside a room that they're not supposed to be in.

Several days ago a story began to pop up saying that a number of Fallout 76 players had been making use of an exploit to enter a developer room that should have only been for developers to access. Now, Fallout 76 developer room bans are being handed out if you find your way inside.

The Fallout 76 developer room is a room that’s intended to hold a wide variety of unreleased items and NPCs in preparation for other expansions and DLC that will be coming to the game at a later date. Players who manage to find their way inside, therefore, often end up not only getting a sneak peek at what’s inside, but also being able to take those items.

These items often give them an unfair advantage in the open world, and so Bethesda has stepped in to stop the players that do manage to work their way into the dev room by handing out all of the Fallout 76 developer room bans.

Going by an email that is sent to each player that manages to access the room, the reason Bethesda is able to find this out is because going into the room “marks” your character with a certain kind of data corruption, allowing them to easily find out what accounts have been inside.

However, while the email gave players the benefit of the doubt that they had found their way into that room accidentally, the studio has recently released a statement saying that any player who did manage to find their way into the dev room was making use of illegal third-party software that allowed them to get inside.

Regardless, Bethesda is encouraging Fallout 76 players to contact their support team in an attempt to get the Fallout 76 developer room bans overturned. In the meantime, hopefully Bethesda will be able to quickly fix whatever caused this in the first place, in yet another glitch moment for an already very buggy game.

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