Fallout 76 Cultist Locations Guide

In this guide, we will be showing you all of Fallout 76 Cultist Locations as well as each of the variant's capabilities and power

During your journey through Fallout 76, you’ll track down the locations of multiple groups of mutants; one of which is the Cult of Mothman. We will be showing you all the Fallout 76 Cultist Locations in this guide.

This guide focuses on the background of this cult along with its variants and locations as to where you can possibly encounter it.

Fallout 76 Cultist Locations

By the name itself, it’s pretty clear what this creature is. The Mothman is a hybrid of a Man and a Moth. This terrifying beast has an entire Museum named after it called the Mothman Museum.

The Cult of Mothman has been around even before the Great War and now its followers can be found all around Appalachia (Post-War), building shrines and practicing satanic rituals, trying to summon the Mothman for his blessings and prediction of the future.

Cult of Mothman Variants

There are different variants of the Cult of Mothman. Below are their basic descriptions:


Let’s start with the most vulnerable variant of the Cult, the Cultists. They’re basically the security of the pure land and kill anyone from the outside world who tries to enter their land.

Cultist Prospect

They are newly converted to the Cult therefore, they can be considered as a weak variant as well.

Cultist Seeker

Following up on the previous variants, this variant has higher health as compared to the variants before it.

Cultist Disciple

They are the same as the Cultist Seekers but with overall higher health as compared to them.

Cultist Elder

This brings us to the wiser variant of the Cult, the Cultist Elder. They are at the center of the family tree.

Cultist Ascender

Following their Ascension process, this Cult is the strongest variant till now.

Cultist Awoken

Stronger than the Cultist Ascender, the Cultist Awoken takes the place above the rest of the variants before it.

Cultist Chosen

This variant is considered as the chosen ones and is right above the Awoken making them the second strongest variant.

Cultist Wrathwing

The strongest variant of the Cult, the Cultist Wrathwing despite having almost the same health as the rest of the variants, still has a higher level making them the Superior ones.

Mothman Cultists Locations

There are 13 different Cultist locations where you can find the Cult of Mothman members or their signs in Fallout 76. Below is a list of the locations along with notable loot that will be dropped from each location.

Blake’s Offering

Notable Loot: Beckon the call, Chapter 8 (Holotape)

Bleeding Kate’s Grindhouse

Notable Loot: Fusion core

Clancy Manor

Notable Loot: Cultist – Redemption, Chapter 7 (Holotape)


Notable Loot: Checklist, German books, Responder outposts

Ingram Mansion

Notable Loot: Cultist – Mind’s Eye, Chapter 8 (Holotape)

Johnson’s Acre

Notable Loot: Cultist dagger, Chapter 7 (Holotape)

Kanawha County Cemetery

Notable Loot: Kanawha mausoleum key

Landview Lighthouse

Notable Loot: Giant Teapot advertisement, Six Lighthouse souvenirs

Lucky Hole Mine

Notable Loot: Cultist – Redemption Chapter 7 (Holotape), Chapter 8 (Holotape)


Notable Loot: Nuka-Cola Cranberry

Point Pleasant

Notable Loot: Interloper, The Mothman Cometh – Part 2


Notable Loot: armor mod plan, Nuka-Cola Cranberry

Sunken Church

Notable Loot: Day 1, Day 82, A new day.

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