Massive Fallout 76 Update Does Nothing to Improve Your Experience

A new massive patch has arrived for Fallout 76 on Xbox One and PS4, it's said bring various performance improvement but it hardly does.

Fallout 76 has received another massive patch which weighs around 47GB on Xbox One and PS4. This Fallout 76 patch is quite big on Xbox One and PS4 as compared to the one on PC which is 15 GB.

This Fallout 76 patch arrives with a promise that it includes various bug fixes and performance upgrades but does it really make the game better?

It’s no doubt that the patch size of Fallout 76 on Xbox One and PS4 is huge and it replaces almost most of the game’s files. The patch basically replaces or updates all of the data which involves textures, sound files and more.

Bethesda said that this update is going to be big as compared to the future patches of the game. Though they say that the regular updates will vary in size but they will be much smaller as compared to this huge one.

Top of the World resort area is an area which gave us absolute bad performance before the patch as sometimes the framerates could drop as low as 10 frames per second with some heavy stuttering. Though now after the latest Fallout 76 patch on Xbox One X, this area now runs very smooth and frame rates seem to be a lot better than before.

Now the reason for this change could also be due to the network conditions of the game, day or night elements and those constantly changing local events which can cause the game to run better or worse. So it can vary on each different playthrough.

As for Fallout 76 on PS4, the Top of the World resort runs better as well. Everything seems okay until you go further which results in the frame rate being as low as 20 FPS. The performance may vary.

Ballpark of Fallout 76 still runs as bad as it did before. Everything eventually slows down and if you fire, the frame rates drop instantly and it’s very annoying.

Using grenades further drops these frame rates and aiming at enemies for longer is very hard to do with this lag.

Stuttering is still present despite being one of the fixes for Fallout 76 mentioned in the patch notes. On the other side on PS4 Pro, the Top of the World in Fallout 76 ran smoothly around 30 FPS. Though the game did suddenly seem to be running on a potato if you used weapons or switch fast between them which is still a problem after the patch.

In short, Bethesda still has a lot of work to improve the Fallout 76 performance especially on Xbox One and PS4. There are a lot of bugs, glitches, and errors still destroying the experience we all wanted.

The overall map in Fallout 76 is like loading most of the times, sometimes even basic rocks and trees spawn in the map after a long delay. You can witness this by looking at one of the assets in the game and it’ll take at least 5 seconds to load it fully.

Overall this massive 47 GB is a big disappointment and another reason for everyone to stop playing the game as it takes hours to just download. Now even after installing it, it’s like of no use as the bugs, errors and other big issues are still there.

Bethesda has to do a lot of work. Fallout 76 has hardly got any positive reviews and even gamers don’t want to watch it on Twitch.

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