Fallout 4: The Sexiest and Hottest Mods for PC

We take a look at some of the sexiest, most perverted (in a good way) mods for Fallout 4 PC version.

Alright you perverts, we know why you’re here, and you know yourselves why you’re here. Look, let’s set aside all shame and accept that you, just like every other person, enjoy a bit of sexuality. Whether or not you accept it, it’s very much embedded in your genes.

It’s never too bad to project this sexuality in games. We have some pretty awesome titles like The Witcher series and God of War that openly express sex and you know, things…

Sadly, Bethesda thinks such things shouldn’t be a part of the Wasteland in Fallout 4. I mean yeah, no sane person would want to take a peek inside a ghoul’s shirt, but everyone needs a bit of love, especially when every second thing that moves is trying to kill you.

Thankfully, the lovely modders of Fallout 4 can simply tell Bethesda to take a hike and spice things up themselves in the game. It gets hot in Boston, and all the regular people probably get horny too, so why not show some skin?

There are plenty of sexy mods that you’d be attracted to, but some are better than others, and it’s my duty as an honest fellow Vault Dweller and journalist to go through the pleasurable painful process of selecting some of the sexiest mods that can be downloaded for Fallout 4:

  • Harley Quinn Corset
  • Gorgeous Male/Female
  • Immersive Attire Fix
  • Man Fur
  • Sweaty Female Body
  • Sex and Other Affiches Version 7
  • Glorious Female Mod


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