Fallout 4 PC Preload Will Begin Later Today

Fallout 4 releases on November 10 but preload on PC will be available from today. According to Green Man Gaming, preload for Fallout 4 PC will begin at 9PM GMT.

Players will be able to download the entire game and play the game it on release.

Fallout 4 is yet to release but many leaks have come up, showing gameplay and screenshots. Bethesda failed to keep things under wraps as players even streamed early copies that contained spoilers.

Bethesda couldn’t keep leaks under control, but they did manage to enforce two embargos on critics. One embargo was for reviews while the other was an embargo for the review embargo. Publishers aren’t allowed to talk about their review coverage until later today.

We hope you’re having fun exploring the Wasteland in Fallout 4. We know your followers are eager to hear more about the game. If you’d like to reveal when your review or launch coverage will run, you can share beginning this Friday, November 6 at 10 a.m. PST.

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