Fallout 4 Patch Beta for PC is Live; Remapping Changes, Launcher, Weapons, Quest Issues Fixed

Bethesda has released the Fallout 4 patch beta for the PC version where remapping has been tweaked among a number of other fixes.

Just as we reported a couple of days ago, a Fallout 4 patch for the PC version has been rolled out by the game developers. However, it is a beta update so far.

There are about six points in the Fallout 4 patch notes that relate too the fixes that have been made to the game’s PC version. Here they are, as shared by the developer, Bethesda Softworks:

  • General memory and stability improvements
  • Fixed issue where equipped weapons become locked after completing Reunions
  • Fixed issue with When Freedom Calls where the quest would not complete
  • During Confidence Man, fixed issue where player’s health would continuously regenerate
  • Fixed crash related to jumping into water and reloading saved games
  • Fixed issue where Launcher would not save God Rays Quality setting properly

Moving on, the patch has also added two new features to the game although they don’t really revolutionize how you play; both of them relate to remapping. Firstly, the developers have confirmed that now the “number pad keys can now be used for remapping,” and secondly “Remapping Activate now works on Quick Container.”

If you are interested in getting your hands on the Fallout 4 patch beta for the PC version, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Log into Steam
  2. Right Click on Fallout 4 in your Library
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Betas
  5. A drop down menu will appear. Select Beta Update
  6. Select OK.
  7. Wait a few minutes and Fallout 4 should update.
  8. When done, Fallout 4 should appear as Fallout 4 [beta] in your Library

Check back with us later for more.

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