Faker Registers for Low-Tier 1v1 League of Legends Event to Beat Shit-Talker

Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, current star mid-laner of SK Telecom T1, doesn't take his reputation as the best League of Legends player in the world lightly.

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, current star mid-laner of SK Telecom T1, doesn’t take his reputation as the best League of Legends player in the world lightly. The three-time world champion will never back away from a challenge, even if it’s randomly thrown by a complete stranger on social media.

Riot Games is hosting an exclusive 1v1 League of Legends tournament in South Korea, registration period of which expires later this week. Browsing on Facebook, Faker came across a rather bothersome comment made by someone who has registered for the tournament. The stranger claimed that he was good enough to beat the Michael Jordan of professional League of Legends in a duel.

While others would have simply walked away, Faker took it as an insult. He called up the tournament organizer to register himself for the event, planning to decimate the challenger and remind the world of who’s the best.

Riot Games uploaded the phone call between Faker and the organizer today. The conversation is in Korean but an English translation of the transcript can be read below (courtesy Slingshot).

Organizer: Hello?
SKT Faker: Hello, yes I’d like to register for the tournament?
Organizer: Oh, you can’t do so on the phone. The steps are on the website.
Faker: Oh, it’s that I don’t think I’m not eligible to register that way.
Organizer: Is that so? Have you been suspended/banned?
Faker: No I haven’t.
Organizer: Does the account not belong to you?
Faker: Uh, no it’s definitely mine.
Organizer: What could it be? Is your tier low? If you’re Plat+ you should be okay.
Faker: I don’t think I need to worry about that.
Organizer: Well I don’t know what the issue is then.
Faker: Well, I’ve been told that I can’t because I’m a pro.
Organizer: You’re an LCK pro? What’s your name?
Faker: It’s Faker.
Organizer: *muffled laughter* (Hey Faker wants to compete in the 1v1 tourney.)
Office: *group laughter*
Faker: Hello?
Organizer: Okay, why do you want to register Faker?
Faker: Well I was on LoL’s FB and saw a comment from someone who registered that they could beat me. So I wanted to really show them.
Organizer: Huh, this is good…but I don’t think you’ll be able to. Let humans have something please.
Faker: Really? I really wanted to meet this person.
Organizer: Well we could try to have you as an event match in the semis or finals.
Faker: Okay.
Organizer: The coaches know that you’re doing this right?
Faker: Uh well… *hangs up*

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