Fake Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 Tops iTunes Charts, Apple Ignores the Scam

Don't let this fake Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 on the iOS App Store fool you. It's not by Mojang, and has nothing to do with Minecraft.

Let’s get this straight folks, there’s no such thing as a Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2. It doesn’t exist. There’s only the original Minecraft: Pocket Edition, but a sequel was never, ever released by Mojang, nor do they have one in their plans.

That’s why the second edition of the game you see in top of iTune charts on the Apple Store on iOS is a fake. The $7 app advertises itself as a sequel to Mojang’s sandbox brick-building game, but in reality it’s a blatant fraud.

The game itself is actually a swiping game where you fight zombies using Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. You keep doing this until it crashes your phone. How thrilling.

Eurogamer discovered this early this morning. Sadly, despite the obvious fraudulence in this app, nothing stopped it from skyrocketing to #4 on iTunes paid app chart, making it an even bigger magnet for casual gamers who won’t booth doing any research before spending ‘only’ $7.

Currently, the game is no longer on top of the charts, but it still remains available for download on iTunes, as do thousands of other fake apps and cheap copies.

The scammer responsible for creating Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 goes by the name Scott Cawthon, and has also released his own versions of Five Nights at Freddy’s and Mortal Kombat. All of his apps are strangely filled with 5-star reviews.

Minecraft developer Mojang told Eurogamer that they’re looking to remove the fake game from Apple Store. Till then, stay wary and do your research when you spend your hard-earned money on apps.


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