Faction Based PvP is Coming to Fallout 76 After Release

Bethesda has shared a message on Twitter prior to Fallout 76 launch tommorow to discuss upcoming features like Faction Based PvP and more.

Fallout is a day away from its official release and to increase the hype further, Bethesda has shared some exciting news about the upcoming features in the game like Faction based PvP and many more.

To address the upcoming release of Fallout 76, Bethesda has shared a very long letter on its Twitter account targeting every Fallout fan and those who made it all happen.

Luckily that wasn’t all as Bethesda also talked about upcoming features like Faction based PVP and new vaults which will be a part of an upcoming Fallout DLC.

Don’t worry, Bethesda has promised that every Fallout 76 DLC will be free for everyone. Bethesda intends to release new DLC content for Fallout 76 with revenue gained from in-game micro transactions.

Bethesda mentions that the upcoming Fallout game is unlike anything they have ever played. It’s something very unique created by the team at Bethesda and it allows us to share stories with friends and strangers.

The letter reads:

Creating a new style of game has taken the best from not just our own producers, programmers, artists and designers—but great efforts from across the company. Special thanks to our friends at ZeniMax Online, id and Arkane who helped us. And thanks to everyone in publishing, IT, Bethesda.Net, Customer Service, Admin and our incredible partners in QA

Bethesda then talked about how they are going keep this game active going down the road which is why Pete Hines says that they intend to support Fallout 76 forever. To do that they will have to bring new content through future DLC updates and that’s exactly what they have planned.

“And a special thank you to all our fans who participated in the B.E.T.A. With your help we’ve made the game better each week. And this is just the beginning. We have an incredible list of updates we’ve begun work on – from C.A.M.P. building improvements, new quests and events, new Vaults opening, character respecing, a faction-based PvP system, and much more.”

Now, these PVP factions are one of the biggest parts of Fallout 76. Currently, Fallout 76 consists of a very basic PvP system which is available to you once you reach level 5. PvP is only possible if both players agree to it.

Though what Fallout does lack at launch is these Factions based PvP. These Factions based PvP will result in big objective-based events and bring more variety to the game.

Other than that, the inclusion of more vaults in Fallout 76 is a very welcomed change. Vaults are a very important and main attraction of any Fallout game so we can’t wait.

Bethesda has also promised to bring camp building improvements, new quests and new missions in Fallout 76 so expect some big updates to arrive in 2019.

Character respecing is also on board according to the news. Fallout 76 currently doesn’t feature character customization or the ability to respec character skills.

More changes like a push to talk function, ultra wide resolution for PC platform, increased stash size and mods are also planned for future updates in Fallout 76.

In other news, Fallout 76 is releasing tomorrow on November 14. Bethesda has now officially shared the launch times of Fallout 76 so you can jump into the game at the earliest after you are done with that huge day one update.

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