Fable Legends Windows 10 Beta Starts This Weekend, Allows Cross-Play With Xbox One

Fable Legends closed beta for Windows 10 will kick-off later this week and players will be able play with users on Xbox One as well.

If you were waiting for a chance to try out the amazing Fable Legends on Windows 10, ever since the announcement of its arrival was made, you’re in luck mate.

Windows 10 closed beta for Fable Legends will start this weekend so hopefully, you signed-up for the beta earlier this month. The most exciting part is that players on Windows 10 and Xbox One can play against each other as the beta supports cross-play. It’s one of the features developers want to test-out, before finalizing the build.

Developer Lionhead wrote in a post:

We are ready to start rolling out Fable Legends across Windows 10! We are starting off by inviting current Fable Legends Xbox One closed beta players who also registered an interest in playing on Windows 10.

Lionhead added:

Testing of the game on Windows 10 will occur at the same test times as Xbox One, so will be up against players from both Xbox One and Windows 10, testing out our cross-device play.

The action in Fable Legends will start on 8PM BST / 12PM PDT on Saturday.

Fable Legends looks great so far but since it’s still without a release date, the beta is the best way to scratch that itch of playing the game.

Have you registered for the beta for Fable Legends on Windows 10?

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