Fable Legends Beta to Enable Access to Every Hero Before Its Closure

Despite the main game's cancellation, the Fable Legends beta carries on until April 13. Lionhead Studios have now allowed access to every hero.

Yesterday we learnt the unfortunate news that Fable Legends has been cancelled and Lionhead Studios is shutting down.

Despite this, the Fable Legends beta had already been released so in honour of the cease in production Lionhead have announced via Twitter that they’ve enabled every hero to be used in rotation for all players.

Fable Legends would have been a co-operative action RPG set in the fictional world of Albion that would have released on Xbox One and Microsoft PC. Action takes place several hundred years before the events of the original trilogy, and players would have been able to cross-sync their progress over the two platforms.

Gameplay is heavily team-based with a group of four heroes (player-controlled or AI) against a villain and his army of monsters. To begin with there was only a limited amount of heroes on offer for the beta that would be rotated after a certain amount of time.

However after the recent news, Lionhead have decided to enable every hero for use to every player fortunate enough to gain access to the beta. Known heroes so far include Rook (ranged combat), Winter (will-based abilities), Inga (heavy armor paladin) and Sterling (rapier-bearing wise cracker).

The Fable Legends beta will run until April 13, with anyone having purchased in-game gold receiving a full refund. There will be no allowances for new players to play the beta, so if you haven’t already got a code then it seems you are destined to never experience the game in any way.

For all the information you need around the cancellation of Fable Legends take a look here.

Have you gained access to the beta? Are you enjoying it so far? Let us know in the comments below and make sure you get your fill before the game is lost forever on April 13.