Fable Legends Beta Opening to Windows 10 Players

Now that Windows 10 is officially released, owners can sign up to become part of the Fable Legends beta and join in with Xbox One players.

Fable Legends is coming, and while the free-to-play game may not be as eagerly anticipated as the previous Fable games, there is still time for it to catch the imagination of gamers. While Xbox One gamers have been playing in a close beta for a while, now it looks like Windows 10 owners will get the chance too.

If you go to the game’s website you can provide an email address to participate in the beta, and the email that you’ll receive will provide details of how to register. This is basically logging into Xbox Live and agreeing to the terms of the beta.

No information is provided as to exactly when players will be added into the closed beta, but the confirmation for signing up does say that you’ll be informed once spaces are available. I’m sure you are eagerly awaiting to try the game.

Fable Legends is a move away from the traditional style of Fable, and it does feel like fan reaction hasn’t been positive. To be fair to it though it is a good-looking game, and when finally released as a free game it will probably be well worth a try. The fact that it supports cross platform multi-player ability will also be an added bonus for some.

Focused on co-operative play where the game’s heroes do battle against a villain also controlled by another player should lead to some interesting play. With a player being the villain controlling the hordes of monsters and traps put into the way of the heroes, there are sure to be some hectic moments. Is this Fable though? I guess it depends on what you want out of a Fable game.

Have you signed up for Fable Legends yet or already have access on Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts below.

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