More Fable Legends Beta Invites and Open Beta Coming Soon

We know that the developers of Fable Legends, Lionhead Studios are adamant that they will not release the game until they make it as perfect as they can.

On the other hand though, they are now putting things in place to bring more of you on board with the testing.

The first news is that some new Fable Legends Beta invites are going to come our way very soon; but that is not the best part.

Until now, the game has been in closed beta, and this is about to change; the developers are planning to launch an open beta testing phase very soon.

The social media coordinator for Lionhead Studios, Lauran, tweeted about more invites:

We’ll be seeing more of you in Albion very soon! RT @FL_Beta: MORE INVITES ON THEIR WAY, CHICKEN CHASERS! Keep an eye on those inboxes 😀

This was followed by replies from fans who were questioning the decision to continue closed beta testing saying it has been quite a long time since it started. Her reply was:

Not at all, it takes time to test. And it’s not open, it’s a closed beta. There will be an open beta soon enough though.

So yes, we are finally closing in on the next step towards the final release of the game.

Last but not the least, she clarified why they were making the community wait for such a long time (and why they were stretching the beta tests for months) in another tweet:

We just want to increase the beta player base gradually to stress test the game. Invites are randomly sent, & there are more!

So, are you okay with the extensive beta testing of Fable Legends? Or do you think they should speed things up a little bit?

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