Fable 3 Rare Books Locations “Brightwall Book Club” Guide

In our Fable 3 Rare Books Locations Guide, we have detailed the locations of all the books in the game to earn Brightwall Book Club.

You need to collect 30 rare books in Fable 3 to unlock the achievement “Brightwall Book Club”. First, you need to talk to the librarian at Brightwall village academy to initiate a side quest, “The Pen is Mightier” then collect all these 30 rare books to get this achievement.

Fable 3 Rare Books Locations

Find every rare book in Fable 3 to earn “Brightwall Book Club” achievement.

Reaver’s Unmentionables

In Millfields, Reaver’s Manor, you will find a book lying on a table inside the model room. It is on the table in front of the window with several books lying on it.

Pen is Mightier

In Millfields, Darkwater Caverns, at the back of the cave water, just beyond the hobble camp. When water divides path in front of the rock end, take the left and you will come across a bench on the dry beside the rock, the book is lying over it.

Brightwall Village

Famous Kings of History: Markus Ivy
Go to the top floor of Ye Quill & Quandary Pub in Brightwall, and grab this book on the shelf above the bed.

How to be a Master Swordsman
Search the right side of the entryway in which several bookshelves are scattered around, with different books lying on the ground. You will find this rare book in this pile of books on the left side, just in front of the bookshelf with candles above it.

Attack of the Killer Puffins
You can find this book lying on the window behind the Fabulous Furnishings.

The Very Unsafe Book for Boys Vol. 2: Ovens
Get access to the floor of a two-knock house near the academy and you will find this book on the banister.

Famous Killers: Carl Tendency
When you complete the side quest, “An Ancient Key”, you will get access to a secret library in the Reliquary of Brightwall village. You will find this book in the corner there.

Book of Doom
To unlock the quest to search for this book, all 29 other books will have to be returned to Samuel, in the Library. Samuel as a part of this quest will grant a key to you. Go down the stairs, towards the area where you first met the Hollow Men, take a right turn and The Reliquary’s final locked door will be right there. Enter the door and go along the hallways until you find the Book of Doom.

Dweller Camp

Famous Kings of History: King Cedric
Find a hut called Wimpet’s Sniffle in Dweller Camp, top of the twisting path above the village. You will find this book inside this hut.

Mistpeak Valley

Famous Killers: Xavier Smedley
Go down the bottom of the path at the beginning of Chillbreath Caverns cave and you will come across an ice pool with a frozen waterfall. There you will see a path leading to a small bed with a treasure chest and this book.

How to Be a Crack Shot
Go to the Monorail entrance in Mistpeak valley and you will find this book outside inside the ticket office. Get in and get this rare book lying on the windowsill.

Book of Mysteries
Return 5 books to Samuel to initiate the side quest to find the Book of Mysteries. Just before the snow line, up from the Monorail Station to the Gold Key cavern entrance.

Go down from the cave until you reach the large frozen lake with a dock. Cross the lake and follow the path upwards, and you will come across a stone bridge, cross it and you will end up by books. In these books on the table, you will find the Book of Mysteries.

Sunset House

The Extraordinary Homunculus of Baron Von Orfen
In the Sunset House area, you will find this book behind the gazebo. You can locate gazebo to the left of the giant, ghostly mansion.


The Mibbs-Spagno Theory of Gluttony
You will find this book on the crate next to tattooist shop in Mourningwood.

Famous Kings of History: Old King Oswald
In Mourningwood go to the Ossuary through the door from the graveyard. Just as you enter in Ossuary, turn left and you will find this Gold Key Door. You will find this book lying on the railing near Gold Key Door. Note that the Bored to Death side quest must be finished to get the Gone but not Forgotten side quest, which grants you access to the Ossuary.

The Pangs of Sunset
This quest is unlocked once 15 books are returned to Samuel. Once the books are returned, your dog will take you to a grave, adjacent to a tree, where this book is buried. Many Hollow Men will appear.

Bowerstone Industrial

Famous Killers: Terence Posture
You can find this book inside the corner bar, located by a bridge in Bowerstone Industrial, called ‘The Riverter’s Rest Pub’. It is lying on a table next to the piano.

Dangerous Things: Gun Powder
In Bowerstone Industrial Cesspools, you will find this book lying on the table during the kidnap rescue mission in the cellar. (To gain access to the Cesspools, the Kidnapped side quest must be played).


A Select Your Own Endeavor Book
While on the ‘Bored to Death’ side quest, you will be sent by Sam and Max to the graveyard in Millfields to acquire a book. Once you fight off the Hollow Men, look around in the small crypt where the large Hollow Man was present. The book will be found somewhere here.

Dangerous Things: Lightning
Gain access to the Reaver’s Manor by either finishing the game as an evil ally of Reaver or as part of the ‘Reaver’s Unmentionables’ side quest OR you could purchase it. Right as you enter, take a left turn. The book will be lying on the table, adjacent to the windows in the room that has the statue and fireplace.

Darkwater Cavern Liver of Darkness
This key can only be accessed after the ‘Hobnobbing with Hobbes’ side quest is accepted, after the Darkness fight. Do note that even after this quest is finished, you will not be able to enter the lower portion of the cave until after to come back here, after some time.

Once the lower portion is accessible, go through the door to the Hobbes quarters, which is now accessible, and go down into the pool of pater. Keep swimming to your left until you reach a shore with a table. Here, the book will be present under the cave entrance.

Bowerstone Market

The Tyranny of the Tyrants
In Bowerstone Industrial, you will find this book on the top floor of the Cock and Crown pub; it is lying on the table with the candle.

The Grasping Avarice of Kings and their Lackeys
In Bowerstone Industrial, you will find this book on the top floor of the Doll House (the last house you encounter before you exit through the main gate). It is lying on the bed.

Bowerstone Old Quarter

Dangerous Things: Industrial Machinery
In Bowerstone Old Quarter, you can find this book in the small park in the station. It is just beside the statue in the middle.

The Invocation of the Watchers
When 10 Rare Books are returned to Samuel, he will provide you with a Trapdoor Key. This key can be used in Bowerstone Old Quarter, before its destruction. Go along the gold path that leads to Throckbibble Mansion and goes inside the trap door located in the basement.

A Flit Switch must be shot, which is on one of the pedestals in the collection of rare items. Shoot it two times and then kill the Hobbes. Then, use the correct attack to shoot the Flit Switch another three times. This will cause some bookshelves to start moving and this book will be revealed.

Bowerstone Castle

Alchemy and Immortality
In Bowerstone Castle, you can find this book in the bedroom next to the main bed. The book is lying on the small bed beside the bookshelf.


The Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol 3: Boxing
In Silverpines, you can find this book besides a small hut, next to Finklehouse Farm. The book is lying over the crate beside that hut.


Dangerous Things: Stargazing in Remote Area
In Driftwood, go inside mines and you will find this book by the crates. Sitting on the edge of the middle crate.

City of Aurora

He Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol 1: Hang Gliders
You will find this book inside the shrine in the city of Aurora; it is lying on the silt of the small praying monument with wings, just to the left of the entrance.

The Amazing Exploits of Baron Barnaby Beadle
In the City of Aurora, inside the temple, you will find it lying on the right of the temple altar. Follow the path up the stairs with candles, enter the temple altar, and you will notice the book on the right.

Shifting Sands

Dangerous Things: Ladders
You will find this book in the Sandfall Palace in Shifting Sands, down the stairs, right of the entrance with circular stones.

Reaver on Reaver
You will get a mission to retrieve this book in Shifting Sands after you have placed enough books in the academy. You will find it in the cache of books stranded in the desert, may the force be your guide.

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